Tom E. Curran talks to Bob Kraft about how the Patriots were constructed.

Mike Sando has part one of an exploration into whether Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time.

Len Pasquarelli examines how Bill Belichick’s defensive system cherishes veteran linebackers.

Cold, Hard Football Facts has New York’s blueprint for victory. Pat Kirwan would like to take the Giants, but his head says otherwise. Troy Aikman says that the Giants best plan might be to just let Laurence Maroney run wild. Ron Borges says that the Giants are going to have to play a whole lot better if they have any chance of beating the Patriots. At least he doesn’t pick the Patriots to win 73-0.

Don Banks is impressed with how Randy Moss has conducted himself in interviews with the Patriots. Mark Kriegel is also impressed with the new Moss. Clark Judge is waiting for Moss to show up in a playoff game. Jim Corbett has Moss hoping to play a key role on Sunday. Pasquarelli reports that because of a technicality in the CBA, the Patriots cannot talk to Moss about an extension until the start of free agency.

Jemele Hill says that the ladies love Teflon Tom. Alex Marvez examines the celebrity-level scrutiny that Brady is now under.

Kevin Hench is puzzled by a Matt Cassel quote about how he’d rather play four quarters and lose Sunday instead of one snap and win. Scott Zucker checks in with Lonie Paxton.

Gregg Rosenthal has 16 reasons the Patriots will win Sunday. He also has 16 reasons the Giants will win.

Jason Cole has an unhealthy fascination with Logan Mankins’ beard.