Here’s a few links from today’s national Super Bowl coverage:

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback leads with Tiki Barber insisting he has no regrets about walking away from football and the Giants last season.

Bill Moore of Football Outsiders breaks down the week 17 matchup between the Giants and Patriots. Gil Brandt also looks back at that game for clues to this week’s rematch.

Don Banks explains why the Patriots cannot lose this game.

Judy Battista in the New York Times, has a look at how the Giants haven’t left Bill Belichick.

Lauren Farrelly of CNBC looks at the business side of Bob Kraft and the Patriots, and talks to Michael Holley about the team.

The classy and talented Mike Freeman dubs this Super Bowl the Jackass Bowl because of the two head coaches.

Len Pasquarelli examines how the spirit of Marquise Hill lives on in the Patriots locker room.

Tom Weir has a look at the friendship between the Giant’s Justin Tuck and the Patriots Adalius Thomas, which goes back to their hometown.

Ira Miller has a look at Urban Meyer and the role the Florida coach has played with the Patriots.

John Walters lists the best sporting moments between Boston and New York. Alan Abrahamson says that the rest of the country is sick of Boston vs. New York.

Randy Hill gives us a tour of the Phoenix/Glendale area for Super Bowl week.

Mike Celizic says that this Super Bowl merits all the hype.

Mike Florio offers 10 Things to get you up to speed with this Super Bowl.

Hub Arkush explains how the Giants/Patriots matchup is a fitting end to a remarkable NFL season.