Hello Boys and Girls,

Today’s word is Objective. Ob-jec-tive.

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “Objective” as “expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations.”

We’re going to talk about this word today because apparently it is a big word that many grown-ups find hard to understand.

The problem here isn’t with people who aren’t objective. There’s nothing wrong with interjecting your own personal feelings or interpretations into discussions. The problem I have is with those who claim to be objective when they are anything but.

For our example here, we’ll use the Patriots and discussions of them by those in the media. Actually, it can go beyond the Patriots and apply to the Red Sox, and yes, now even the Celtics. The theory goes that if you talk about how good these clubs are, you’re not being objective. However, if you look for flaws and nitpick their performance to death, even to an unreasonable degree, you can do all this under the guise of being objective. At the same time, you can mock those who try to reason with you by pronouncing them “homers” or “fanboys” – all the while you stand impeachable as a bastion of objectivity.

The term objective is being used as a badge of honor by some who try to claim that objective = negative.

Nice stunt, if you can pull it off. At some point however, you just start to look ridiculous. We’ve seen a number of examples recently where media members have bent over backwards to find things to criticize about the Patriots –

“They can’t play in the cold!”

“Their defense is middle-of-the-pack in the NFL!”

“They don’t have a running game!”

“They’re feeling the pressure of the undefeated season!”

Those are just a few of the examples that have been thrown out there by supposedly objective Patriots observers. Who exactly, sounds more like a fool? Is it the fan lauding the greatness of an undefeated team on the verge of history? Or is it the media talking head trying to make a name for himself by nitpicking the faults of the team (some of which they just make up themselves) and try to sell it as being objective? These ones are taking unreasonable criticism and negativity and equating it to objectivity. They’re not one and the same.

The Patriots ARE 18-0. They DID set all sorts of records this season. They ARE playing for the chance to go down in history as the greatest team in NFL history. If you want to be different, and stand out from the crowd, and dispute these facts, you’re certainly welcome to do so. No one is stopping you, and your opinion can even make for some interesting debates and discussions. The Giants can win, the Patriots can lose, anything can happen, and you’re free to tell us why you think the Giants can win the Super Bowl.

Just don’t try and tell us you’re objective.

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