A few PM links to pass the time:

Dr Z predicts that Giants’ grit will overcome Pats’ talent in Super Bowl. He predicts this because he thought the Jets would upset the Colts 40 years ago but didn’t have the guts to make the call in his paper. (He was the Jets beat writer for the New York Post at the time.)

The Tool, Gregg Easterbrook, says that “Once again, not only did the weather (stiff winds died down just before kickoff) seem to be under Belichick’s control, but so did the officials.”

Jeffri Chadiha says that the Patriots “definitely look more like a team that is feeling the weight of the history they’re chasing.”

Old friend Charley Casserly says that the Giants could make the Patriots sweat.

Terry Bradshaw says that he may end up picking the Giants, though his heart says New England.

Mark Kriegel says that Spygate was the best thing to happen to the Patriots.

Dan Wetzel says that the Giants can tilt the Boston/New York rivalry back into New York’s favor.

Adam Schein has a look at Bill Belichick’s “true partner in crime,” Scott Pioli.