(Keeping you current on all the sports news this busy Monday is guest blogger Bob Ekstrom, finishing what he started earlier this morning.)

Wow! When you’ve got home teams like ours, there is no limit to the quality of writers or writing that one can come across simply by sitting at a computer monitor. It is nearly impossible to catch every good piece, and that’s why BSMW is here with some more for you to peruse over a sandwich and a bag of chips.


Dave Goldberg says yesterday’s conditions offered the perfect dress rehearsal for the post-season. Chris Price has neither rain nor snow nor any other slop doled by Mother Nature standing in the way of a 14-0 start. Tom King says that even though Mangini and the Jets left with their dignity intact, it was still a successful day in New England. Ian Clark is thanking the defense for this one. Russ Charpentier has Belichick setting aside his test tube of high-octane offense to win one in the trenches. And what would a NYJ loss be without the perspectives of Mr. Jet himself, Mark Cannizaro, who is as entertaining a voice as any emanating from the Empire.

In his weekly 10 Things We Learned Yesterday, Chris Price alleviates any fears over the Patriots’ non-existent running game and red zone defense, to name just two. Dan Shaughnessy relates the some tribulations of the do-it-yourself fan attending yesterday’s game. The Globe also has a nice gallery of the many records still in New England’s grasp over the next two weeks.

Odds & Sods

In case you spent the night catching up on household chores that didn’t get done during the game, you probably missed CBS’s 60 Minutes and may not know that the honeymoon is over between A-Rod and Scott Boras.

No matter. As Mike Lupica tells it, Dr. Boras is spending too much time on Mitchell Report damage control to be mailing Christmas cards to the Rodriguez residence.

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