Seems like ESPN had been a little confused about whether Les Miles would be leaving LSU to become the head coach at Michigan (which he has said in the past would be his dream job) or if he would be staying with the Tigers, who are currently ranked 7th in the country in the BCS standings.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit had reported this morning that “barring unforseen events” Miles would be leaving LSU to join Michigan. He also added the detail that Georgia Tech defensive coordinator John Tenuta would be joining him with the Wolverines.

Later in the morning, it was announced that LSU and Miles had agreed to a contract extension to remain at the school.

The fact that Herbstreit got bad information was embarrassing enough, but understandable. These things happen, and things can change rather quickly. (Could it be that a Michigan guy fed Herbstreit – an Ohio State guy – bad information on purpose?) What is worse is that for a time this afternoon, actually was showing both stories on their front page:


The page was updated pretty quickly, but still leaves the network with some egg on their faces. Or maybe this is just a new source of journalism. It could’ve worked here in Boston. This week we could’ve had headlines like “Source – Red Sox favorites to land Santana” and “Report – Yankees leading Santana sweepstakes.”

Just another example of the “instant update” world in which we live. A news outlet can be reporting two different things at the exact same time.