A few more links from this morning:

Christopher Price has his 10 Things We Learned Last Night about the Patriots and Eagles.

Jim Donaldson says that there is clearly a chink in the Patriots armor. Steve Solloway says that Patriots fans should be thankful for actually having a competitive game to watch. Dan Pires says that it is not going to be pretty within the confines of Gillette this week. Mark Farinella has the Eagles proving to be no Patsies last night.

Peter King devotes the opening of Monday Morning Quarterback to the Patriots game, and how Wes Welker saved New England last night. Michael Silver has his Monday Morning Rush column, and leads off with a look at Jacksonville QB David Garrard. ESPN reporters check in with The Last Call – a look back at the action of week 12.

From Philly, Laura Nachman has some observations about the Patriots/Eagles NBC telecast. NBC showed Curt Schilling at the game, wearing a Tedy Bruschi jersey, and the Red Sox pitcher weighs in with his thoughts on the game.