WHDH Channel 7 was the first place I saw this morning with the news that Mike Lowell was going to be returning to the Red Sox on a three-year deal.

Nick Cafardo and Rob Bradford report on the return of the popular third baseman.

Kevin Henkin over on the BSMW Full Court Press already has a number of favorite things about this new era of the Boston Celtics.

I’m still not used to seeing the Celtics back at the top of power rankings like SI’s Marty Burns. Over at ESPN though, Marc Stein has then slotted fifth in the league.

The running up the score accusations are not going to get any rest after last night’s 56-10 win over the Bills. This one, from ProFootballTalk.com is a prime example:

POSTED 11:12 p.m. EST, November 18, 2007


With a bye during Week Ten and a close game against the Colts before that, it has been three weeks since we've seen the Ferrari among a flock of Fords that is the New England Patriots.

And it's clear to us that coach Bill Belichick still doesn't know, or care, if he laps the field 50 times.

Twice in the third quarter while sporting huge leads, the Patriots kept the field goal unit on the sidelines for a fourth down deep in the Bills' end. On the second occasion, the Pats were up 42-10 on the Buffalo 10 and New England faced fourth and one.

The groan of disapproval from the crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium was barely audible over the comments of NBC's Al Michaels and John Madden, who seemed to see no problem with the maneuver.

We did, and we do. The Patriots are abusing their power, in our view, and they'd better hope that Earl Hickey is wrong about that whole karma thing.

We don't know whether it's karma or fate or just an innate sense of justice and fairness, but we've had a feeling for a couple of weeks now that something will happen to keep the Pats from getting to the Super Bowl or, when they do, someone like Brett Favre will find a way to chop down the beanstalk.

Please. Now they’re complaining about running it up in the third quarter? Seriously? When will people understand that kicking field goals is worse than going for it on fourth down? By going for it, they allow the opposition the opportunity to stop them, rather than just automatically putting more points on the board.

A “groan of disapproval” from the Buffalo crowd? Who should the fans be mad at? Their team for not stopping the Patriots, or at the Patriots for not mocking their team and taking it easy on them.

The final offensive touchdown was scored by the fourth string running back. The touchdown that pushed the score to 56 was a defensive TD. Next thing we’re going to hear that Ellis Hobbs should’ve just gone to the ground instead of running back the interception.

As for karma…in the years 1992, 1990, 1981, 1975, 1972, 1970 and 1967 there was plenty of “bad karma” around this team – enough to balance out the wild success of the present, I believe.

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I have yet to figure out the point or significance of Bob Hohler’s feature on fourth-string Patriots running back Kyle Eckel yesterday. It really just seemed like another wet blanket tossed by the Globe (the 17%ers) in the direction of the Patriots on a game day.