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“A laughable fare throughout”

That was Sean Grande at the end of the Celtics radio broadcast, and Sean basically summed up the Celtics thumping of the Denver Nuggets 119-93. In a game that saw the Celtics walk into the locker room with a 77-38 halftime lead the Celtics completely dominated a sluggish Denver team. The “Big 3” combined for 77 points, and Steve Bulpett has Doc Rivers saying that “They like each other and they’ve decided that they don’t need anything for them individually. They want to win for a team.” Jackie MacMullan says It’s been a long time since a Celtics team made the game look so incredibly easy. Denver coach George Karl is happy to see a team that’s not into a rebuilding mode. The Celtics could be sending two of their players the the Utah Flash of the NBA’s Developmental League. After all the talk of the Celtics acquiring Allen Iverson last year, Steve Buckley says that was all just a fantasy, but Pierce, Garnett, and Allen are for real.

Also don’t forget to check in on the BSMW Full Court Press for all your latest Celtics news.

Red Sox

Michael Silverman has Day 3 of the Mike Lowell talks producing nothing as Theo Epstein sat down in person with Lowell’s agents the Levinson brothers. Even though the Red Sox are concentrating on resigning Lowell they still sat through a Boras presentation, and as Nick Cafardo writes they are also listening to the Florida Marlins. Within this piece we hear that the San Diego Padres are letting teams know that Jake Peavy is available for the right price. Young studs Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester will begin the offseason conditioning program that Jonathan Papelbon followed last offseason.

Despite the reports of his retirement, Roger Clemens still says there may be a possibility of him playing next season. Wow, that’s shocking. With the Dominican Republic being hit very hard by Tropical Storm Noel, Pedro Martinez is asking for help. Joel Sherman has Hank Steinbrenner ready to make “significant offers” to keep some of the Yankees old guard in pinstripes.

After the success of the backyard grill sale, Manny is trying to free up some more space in his garage with this latest endeavor.


Colts GM Bill Polian addressed “CrowdNoiseGate” in his weekly Q&A on the Colts website. Here’s the quote..

Q: Can you comment on the allegations that the Colts artificially piped-in crowd noise at the RCA Dome Sunday?

A: I’m not sure that (Patriots Head) Coach (Bill) Belichick had any comments about crowd noise. There were a number of comments made on what I would call disreputable websites (Monday) morning. We reacted to it because we felt like it was an affront to our fans and to the integrity of our organization. I will read you a statement we issued earlier Monday. It says the following: ‘In reference to questions regarding the audio transmission of yesterday’s game, please refer to the following statement from the NFL: CBS has informed us that the unusual audio moment heard by fans during the Patriots-Colts game was the result of tape feedback in the CBS production truck and was isolated to the CBS broadcast. It was in no way related to any sound within the stadium and could not be heard in the stadium. We close with the following sentence: We trust this will put an end to the ridiculous and unfounded accusations that the Colts artificially enhanced crowd noise at the RCA Dome in any way.

Q: Where do people come up with these ideas?

A: I have no idea. These are people who in many respects just have axes to grind and have no responsibility for what they write. They simply write innuendo and rumor and garbage and then it gets picked up in the mainstream media. The unfortunate part of blogs these days is that if something completely unfounded, something completely untrue – as is the case here – is in a blog, then someone in the mainstream media can pick it up and they use the excuse, ‘Well, it was in a blog. So it was news, and we have to follow it.’ Well, you can follow this until the cows come home and there’s nothing to find. We didn’t do anything

The problem with Bill’s comments is that they are a little off base. The reports about the crowd noise did not originate on some “blog”. The first report came from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk which is a partner with NFL.com and Mike wrote the story in his weekly 10-Pack on The Sporting News website. Also, here in Boston, Michael Felger ended his weekly report card with this qoute “It felt artificially loud at the RCA Dome.” In addition to that, Jonathan Kraft made a formal complaint, so I’m not sure where Bill is getting the idea that this was just a “rumor” started by blogs.

Mike Reiss tells us that last year the Patriots used the bye week to take care of some contract issues. Mike looks at some of the contract issues facing the Patriots during this year’s bye week. Karen Guregian says that the Patriots are not interested in Corey Dillon because they already have a backup to Laurence Maroney. Writing in his blog, the wise one Bob Ryan gives us his take on Don Shula’s comments. Tony Massarotti has the Patriots taking on a new persona in their quest to go undefeated.

John Tomase writing in The Point After has his breakdown of Sunday’s win over the Colts. Within the Globe’s Notebook we hear Richard Seymour give credit to his teammates for helping with his blocked field goal on Sunday, also the Pats have an additional receiver on the roster. In the Herald’s Notebook a Patriot has won Offensive Player of the Week for their performance against the Colts.

Mike Reiss has a few Patriot players making Pro Football Weekly’s All-Pro Team.

Over at Patriots Daily Dan Snapp explains the importance of “Sixty Minutes”.


The Bruins suffered a 2-1 loss on a Clarke MacArthur goal 3:16 into overtime, Kevin Paul Dupont has your game story.

For all the rest of today’s Bruins headlines be sure to head over the the Bruins links page.

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