A few media and housekeeping notes to wrap up the week.

We’re planning on posts both days this weekend, the Saturday post will likely be up around 2:00pm. It’s a another big weekend for Boston sports, and we’ll try to get as many links and stories to you as possible.

Patriots Daily will have College Scout tomorrow, followed by The Sunday Links. Since it is a home game on Sunday, they’ve also got posted the Patriots Buffet Table with food and drink suggestions for the game.

Michael Hiestand has a look at the NFL coming to Europe with the Dolphins/Giants game this Sunday. He also has ESPN/ABC shuffling up their NBA announcing crews.

Ed Sherman looks at Rick Reilly and Dan Patrick essentially switching places this week with Reilly heading to ESPN and Patrick to Sports Illustrated. Michael David Smith tells us who came out ahead in this “trade.”

Richard Sandomir has Taco Bell managing to bring sponsorship integration to new levels in this World Series.

John Maffei has Southern California sportscasters shedding the sports desk to go out and help report on the wildfires.

Michael Silver, previews the weekend’s NFL action, and tells us why London should be awarded a Super Bowl.

Tom Curran looks at the Adalius Thomas/Ray Lewis spat this week, and has a bunch of Joe Gibbs stuff heading into this weekend’s matchup with the Patriots.

Bill Simmons has a mailbag and his weekend NFL picks.

Dan Wetzel says that the Rockies are being outsmarted by the Red Sox in this World Series, pointing to the Matt Holliday pickoff at first from last night.

Meanwhile, here is the Countdown Daily for today from ESPN. (Can you tell I love these ESPN videos?)