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Bill Simmons relives Game 7 of the ALCS and the most fascinating Red Sox moment of the season.

Gordon Edes answered some final questions before tonight’s Game 1.

Fox Sports
Kevin Hench gives us the possibilities for this year’s World Series Goat.

Tom Verducci says that interleague play zapped some of the intrigue out of this World Series.

Ken Rosenthal makes his case as to why the World Series is going to be more competitive than you think.

Howard Bryant has his pick for the World Series.

Inside Edge provides us with some statistics about both teams hitters.

Amalie Benjamin speaks to a meteorologist to get tonight’s weather outlook.

Chad Finn goes “Nine Innings”

Great news for the Patriots.

The Media Circus is back.

Here’s a guide to World Series Half-Truths and Hyperbole.

Michael Silver has 32 Questions.

If you don’t have tickets to a Bengals game, have no fear, you can get in with cash.

Dan Lamothe has a blogger roundtable.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports tells us that the “evil” Patriots might indirectly help the NFL Network get wider distribution.

Mr Irrelevant has Redskins fullback Mike Sellers providing the Pats with a little bulletin board material. In the meantime coach Joe Gibbs is doing the complete opposite.

Some folks will be sitting on a second reason to root for Red Sox tonight.

John Donovan tells us that the Red Sox are no longer cursed. They are the MLB’s gold standard.

An NFL executive tells Vic Carucci that there’s two simple ways to stop the Patriots passing attack.

Tonight on TV

It’s safe to assume that a majority of New England homes will be tuned into tonight’s Game 1. The game will be broadcast on Fox. That means at least four more games with good friends Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. First pitch is scheduled for 8:23PM.