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When Red Sox Nation needed him most, Curt Schilling came through yet again.

Facing elimination for the sixth time in his postseason career, Boston’s (former) ace delivered a Hall-of-Fame performance, stymieing the Cleveland Indians with a 12-2 victory in Game 6 of the ALCS.

But was Schilling’s tip of the cap to the fans as he left the seventh inning his last? That will be up to rookie Daisuke Matsuzaka as he attempts to make the Red Sox the sixth team in LCS history to rally from a 3-1 deficit. The good news? Boston has done it twice (against the Angles in ’86 and the Yankees in ’04).

How about a hearty welcome to J.D. Drew, who decided to finally make a worth contribution last night with a first-inning grand slam, which squashed any hopes the Indians may have had of celebrating on Fenway’s soil.

And speaking of “7”, the undefeated Patriots hope to go 7-0 today as they take on the winless, yet always pesky at home, Dolphins.

And finally, in case you missed it, the Bruins jumped to 5-2 with the help of another shootout goal by Phil Kessel. Are the B’s really trying to become important in this town again? Hmmmm.

So, we have the Patriots at 1 p.m., and the Sox in Game 7 at 8:20. What a weekend to be a Boston sports fan!

Now, onto the stories.

Red Sox

From the Boston Globe:
Gordon Edes gives a solid gamer, with Jonathan Papelbon saying he didn’t think Drew would swing at the pitch he hit for the four-bagger. Columnist Dan Shaughnessy says to load up on the caffeine and energy drinks because another Game 7 in Boston is upon us. Columnist Bob Ryan wonders how after such an awful regular season, how is J.D. Drew turning it around now when his teammates need him most. Nick Cafardo says Dice-K can redeem himself after two sloppy postseason appearances with a victory tonight. Kevin Paul Dupont notes the real Curt Schilling showed up for Game 6 after a mini version of Schill took the mound in Game 2. Shaughnessy also says that Manager Terry Francona’s decision to sit center fielder Coco Crisp for rookie Jacoby Ellsbury was strictly a baseball decision, and not him caving to public pressure. Amalie Benjamin also has a story on Ellsbury’s first postseason start. Benjamin also notes how Kevin Youkilis has had Cleveland’s number this LCS. Michael Vega writes how Mike Lowell and Dustin Pedroia show their appreciation to the fans who waited outside Fenway in hopes of purchasing tickets. Jim McCabe writes how the Indians had no chance of winning Game 6 right from the first inning. Vega looks at how Travis Hafner has slumped during the LCS. McCabe also writes how the Red Sox have Faustino Carmona’s number at home.

From the Boston Herald:

Jeff Horrigan chimes in on Ellsbury getting a chance to start and making an impact. Horrigan also writes the Sox victory happened the way they “Drew” it up. Tony Massarotti says the real value of Drew is finally showing. Rob Bradford writes of Schilling turned back the clock to give the Sox another vintage performance. Alex Speier says Cleveland is counting itself out just yet. Michael Silverman says the entire Sox order had an impact in last night’s victory. Columnist Steve Buckley writes Dice-K gets one more chance at postseason glory. Maureen Mullen talks about the umpiring in the LCS and how umpires are chosen. Bradford also takes a look at Dice-K’s history in big games. Silverman also writes how Matsuzaka gets another chance to redeem himself.

From The ProJo:

Columnist Sean McAdam asks if anyone really thought Drew would produce the way he has. Kevin McNamara discusses how Indians manager, and former Red Sox catcher, Eric Wedge is staying even-keeled throughout the playoffs. Steven Krasner and Joe McDonald say Tito had no choice but to play Ellsbury. Bill Reynolds writes how home field does matter in baseball. McNamara also discusses how Trot Nixon’s leadership was exactly what Cleveland needed this year.

From the Worcester Telegram and Gazette:

Bill Ballou writes the Sox had a sixth sense about how to win last night. Bill Doyle says Ellsbury finally got a chance to provide a postseason spark. Paul Jarvey says Drew’s performance was just “grand.”


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