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After much discussion and debate about who the Red Sox should have started in yesterday’s Game Four, it ultimately didn’t matter because the Sox offense again failed to provide any help, and the starting pitching could not make it past the 5th inning. The fact of the matter is, the Red Sox now face a must win game tomorrow night. While the Red Sox will hand the ball to their ace Josh Beckett, the Indians will let their hopes ride on the big shoulders of C.C. Sabathia. Despite Sabathia’s poor showing thus far in the playoffs, he’ll be pitching with not much to lose, and in front of those towel waving masses at the Jake.

Before we get into this afternoon’s “Around the Web” links, here’s a look at some of the goods from this morning’s headlines.

Bob Ryan discusses how quickly things can turn around in baseball. Tony Massarotti asks the question “could the Red Sox get their own hitters out?” Jackie MacMullan discusses the ineptitude that is the Red Sox offense, well of course with the exception of Ortiz, Manny, and Lowell. Rob Bradford makes the case for Jacoby Ellsbury.

As I watched last night’s game I felt as if the offense was going to find itself, I mean they were facing Paul Byrd, right? Wrong. Enter Jhonny Peralta. Mr. Old Time Baseball says “bring back the Yankees”. Rockies owner Dick Monfort is rooting for the Red Sox. Within this Denver Post article, we relive the “Trade-No Trade” that caused controversy between the two organizations a few years back. Jerry Remy proves once again that when he shells all the website plugs, t-shirt giveaways, and Wally talk, the man knows his Red Sox. Remy speaking with WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan discusses his thoughts on last nights non-moves by Francona. Massarotti also has Beckett defending Francona’s decision to start Wakefield, and he looks ahead to the Sox do-or-die Game 5.

Well, the fact remains that the Sox will need to win three straight if they hope to sniff the World Series. I wonder if Kevin Millar is available for a pre-game pep talk? This years slogan will be “Score more than 6, Pitch past the 5th!!” I can see the t-shirts in my mind right now.

Around the Web

Here’s a story in today’s Washington Times about Larry Lucchino. The title is what really caught my attention. According to this article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, one of the Red Sox coaches may be in line for the Pirates managerial position. Dayn Perry at Fox Sports discusses how the Indians have managed to lead the series 3-1, even though their two “aces” have given up a combined 12 runs.

Baseball Musings David Pinto discusses the Indians knack for turning two.

Nick Cafardo had the duty of performing today’s chat.

Tom Verducci has some disturbing statistics about Tim Wakefield.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports says that the Red Sox are either clueless or crazy.

Ken Rosenthal says the Red Sox rotation is in transition.

Verducci is back with his “Five Cuts”. In his cuts he gives his thoughts on the depth of the Red Sox bullpen and the TBS’ ratings for the NLCS.

Tim Brown has C.C. Sabathia discussing his next start.

SI’s John Donovan says the Red Sox have a history of comebacks, but not much else.

I think Jonathan Papelbon is dangerously morphing into Kevin Millar.

Dr. Z is back with his weekly power rankings. He also has a theory about Tom Brady. Also, the Jets have remained steadfast at 29th, well at least that’s second place in the bottom five. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets!

Geez, I guess ESPN doesn’t like it when there’s actually someone who’s funny in the booth.

Ian O’Connor takes a look at the phenomenon of NFL head coaches being called “geniuses”.

The guys over at Cold Hard Football Facts have their power rankings.

Tom Brady was fined by the league.

Micheal Silver marvels at the Patriots reaction to T.O’s “Getcha popcorn ready” comment.

Uh oh, Patrick Crayton (he’s a Dallas Cowboy receiver in case you were wondering) missed the memo on providing the Patriots with bulletin board material.

Joe Sports Fan is back with the Media Circus.

Tonight on TV

With the Sox off tonight, we have one more night for Red Sox fans to lower their collective blood pressures before tomorrow’s Game 5. In the meantime we can check out the new look Celtics as they play their first “game” at home tonight. The C’s will take on the New York Knicks tonight live from the TD BankNorth Garden. The game can be seen locally on CSNE starting at 7:30PM. For all the rest of tonight’s action check here.