The Cleveland Indians scored a postseason record seven runs in the 11th inning to win game two and draw level with the Red Sox at Fenway Park in a five-hour marathon game last night.

This was one for the bullpens as neither team’s starters made it through the fifth inning before being yanked from the contest. Schilling went the furthest, going four and two thirds before Francona called time on his performance.

Carmona only managed 12 outs, himself, before Cleveland went to their bullpen last night. The Sox threatened several times but the Indians’ bullpen held up long enough for their offense to come around though, and the offensive spurt in extra innings was more than enough to give Cleveland the win.

Red Sox

Jeff Horrigan has Gagne, Lester, and Javier Lopez completely collapsing in the eleventh. Steve Buckley says the Sox need to take the hint, and but Gagne on ice. Tony Massarotti says Nixon is a veteran leader for the Indians, and has been through nights like that before in October.

Gordon Edes has the curtain calls for Manny Ramirez and Mike Lowell after their back-to-backs might’ve been premature. Jackie MacMullan says the Red Sox offense just ran out of time as the bullpen let home field advantage slip through their fingers last night. Dan Shaughnessy has more on the loss last night. Nick Cafardo talks about Trot Nixon knocking in the winning run last night in extra innings. Kevin Paul Dupont has Schilling failing to step up and secure a win in game two. Bill Burt at the eagle tribune has Manny being better than he’s ever been.

Jon Couture says Francona’s postseason managerial record now has a blemish. David Brown has the Indians handing the ball to the veteran Borowski in the eleventh inning last night.

Joe McDonald
has more on the blowout eleventh inning from last night. Sean McAdam has Tony Mastny retiring the heart of the Red Sox order in the bottom of the tenth last night. Steven Krasner has Francona turning to Gagne, Lopez, and Lester after going through the mainstays early last night. Bill Reynolds talks about Gagne’s disaster of a performance last night. McAdam says it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Horrigan’s notebook has Francona making it clear pulling Beckett after 80 pitches does not mean we’ll see the ace in game four on short rest. Edes’s notebook talks about the historic offseason Manny and Ortiz are having. Cafardo’s notebook talks about Scott Boras and the claims he’s been making regarding Alex Rodriguez’s value. Brown’s notebook has the Sox cracking pocket aces in two games. Couture’s notebook has more on the Sox offense.


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Jim Donaldson talks about the “Original 81,” Terrell Owens. Shalise Manza Young says the Pats will let their play do the talking. John Tomase says today’s game is viewed differently in Dallas and New England. PatriotsDaily has some Sunday links and a little rant on Shaughnessy.

Bob Hohler talks about the “boy wonder,” Tony Romo. Christopher Gasper talks about the differences between Moss and Owens. Eric Wilbur and has a roundup of how the pundits think the game will go. David Brown talks about the tight-end matchup in today’s game. Dan Pires says you can add Warren and Brady to the list of Patriots who have been fined: for not wearing their chinstraps. John Clayton discusses the Pats and Dallas in his “First and 10” column.

Young’s notebook has pre-game analysis of the game today. Tomase’s notebook talks about the atmosphere in the Patriot locker room. Guregian’s notebook has Maroney still out against Dallas. Gasper’s notebook talks about safety Eugene Wilson. Reiss’s notebook talks about owner Robert Kraft.

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Have a good one and enjoy the game this afternoon.