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After being forced to watch NHL hockey the past few nights baseball makes its return tonight. Unfortunately its the National League that gets to lead off. The Rockies and Diamondbacks will begin the NLCS tonight live from Arizona’s Chase Field. The game will be televised at 8:00 on TBS. Tim Kurkjian has his breakdown of the series. Ken Rosenthal explains why he’s not hopping on the Rockies bandwagon.”> Over at SI, John Donovan provides us with a position by position breakdown of the series. David Pinto from Baseball Musings says luck has nothing to do with his pick. For TBS’ full playoff schedule check here. Although the ratings were good, the 3 sweeps in addition to the teams that ended up on top may hurt TBS.

Calling the NLCS for TBS will be the 3-man booth of Chip Caray, Tony Gwynn, and former D-Backs manager Bob Brenly. The studio tandem of Cal Ripken Jr. and the lifeless Frank Thomas will provide, well I’m not sure what they will provide but they’ll be your in-studio analysts.

Roaming the crowd will be Ron Burgundy impersonator Craig Sager and everyone’s favorite Jose Mota.

Around the Web


Richard Sandomir chimes in with his opinion on Suzyn Waldman’s crying, and also what he thinks of the TBS broadcast.

Bill Simmons discusses the controversy surrounding LeBron wearing a Yankees hat in his article for ESPN the Magazine.

Ken Rosenthal is back with his pick for the ALDS.

Apparently Manny is a real big fan of the TV show Alias, or at least one of its actresses.

Scott Boras convinces CNBC’s Darren Rovell that A-Rod really is worth $500 million.

Suzyn Waldman defends her crying.

Jonathan Papelbon has been named the recipient of the “DHL Presents the Major League Baseball Delivery Man of the Year Award”, it was announced today. The Delivery Man of the Year Award is officially sanctioned by Major League Baseball and recognizes the most outstanding relief pitcher of the season as voted on by the fans.


The Point After has Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth and Peter King playing the role of Greg Easterbrook on HBO’s Inside the NFL tonight.

Also, Wade Phillips might just want to shut up at this point.

Jason Whitlock has his 10 Truths. We also learn the real reason for T.O’s silence this week.

The guys over at Cold Hard Football Facts do a comparison of the last two NFL Dynasties.

Football Outsider’s Mike Tanier has his Week 6 NFL Rundown.

Dr. Z has his power rankings up. Surprisingly, well not really for old crusty Dr. Z, the Patriots are no longer #1. He also manages to assert that Buffalo’s Trent Edwards reminds him of Tom Brady. On a positive note the Jets remain steadfast at #29. J-E-T-S…Jets, Jets, Jets!!!

Mike Sando spoke to 11 NFL insiders about the NFL’s most under and overrated players. The Patriots have some players in each category.

Much like Ron Borges, Randy Moss has his own website. In a chat conducted this week, Randy answers questions about his time thus far in New England.

Albert Breer writing in today’s Dallas Morning News says it business as usual for the Pats this week.

Football Outsiders have their Week in Quotes.

Within this mailbag Inside the NFL’s Cris Carter gives his pick to win the Super Bowl.

Despite the absence of Richard Seymour the Patriots still lead CHFF’s Defensive Hog Index.

Misc. Debris

Dan Wetzel over at Yahoo Sports commends Boston College for something other than their 6-0 start.

Jody Reed and Alyssa Milano were two of my favorite people as a child, for two totally different reasons of course. After this interview, I like them both that much more.

I wonder if this was what ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber was talking about when she suggested ESPN “hit the issues hard with reporting”.

Frank Deford is not a fan of the 3-Man booth.

Tonight on TV

In addition to tonights NLCS game there is also some college football. As #21 Florida State (4-1) takes on (3-2) Wake Forest. The game is being televised on ESPN at 7:30PM. For a look at the rest of the night’s action check here.