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For a few weeks now since the overblown SpyGate drama, I’ve repeatedly wanted to slam my head against the wall after reading the garbage that’s been spewed by the newest Belichick hater on the block, Gregg Easterbrook. While I don’t possess the skill nor the time to take one of Gregg’s 9,785 page columns and dissect it Fire Joe Morgan style I’ve been clamoring for someone to do just that. Well my wish has been granted. ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber is just the person to do the job. Le Anne’s job description on the ESPN website is “the public’s representative to ESPN, offering independent examination and analysis of ESPN’s media outlets”. The former New York Times sports editor and author takes on Mr. Easterbrook’s two blatantly slanted TMQ columns in her piece today. While its a long column you can skip directly to her opinion on the Easterbrook piece.

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Dennis Dillon over at the Sporting News sits down with Pro Bowl corner Champ Bailey to discuss Randy Moss and T.O.

Dr. Z explains how Buffalo gave the game away to the Cowboys on Monday night. Quick observation, if Buffalo was able to confuse Tony Romo with zone blitzes and having their D-Lineman work out of the 2-Point stance, can you imagine what Belichick will be able to whip up for the Cowboys on Sunday.

Gene Wojciechowski writes a letter to Bill Belichick, in it he tells Bill that Tony Romo displays similar traits to his franchise QB Tom Brady.

PTI’s Michael Wilbon says that Sunday’s game between the Pats and Cowboys is the first “Big Game” of this young football season.

A must read for me is the weekly column “From the 50” by Dallas Morning News writer Rich Gosselin. In this week’s installment, Rich tells us that today’s quarterback’s play an entirely different game then the QB’s of years past.

Old friend Albert Breer did a Patriots/Cowboys chat for his new employer, the Dallas Morning News.

Dallas Morning News did a quick “In Focus” piece on Asante Samuel.

I heard the new Stetson Man throws a mean deep ball.

Michael Silver over at Yahoo Sports has his 32 Questions.

The guys over at Cold Hard Football Facts tell us despite what the “regular” stats tell us, the Patriots and Cowboys have the most potent aerial attacks.

The Media Circus
is back, in it we see that D-Lineman Travis Johnson doesn’t know his Wizard of Oz characters.

Tom Curran ranks some of the league’s backup QB’s.

Mike Vrabel responds to the criticisms he received from Browns guard Eric Steinbach after Sunday’s game.

The ageless wonder and former Pats QB Vinny Testaverde has signed with an NFL team.

Deion Sanders loved Junior’s ball handling skills on Sunday.

Colts GM Bill Polian is complaining about the rules again.


Randy Hill over at Fox Sports tells us why the Red Sox might not win the World Series.

Dan Lamothe says Suzyn Waldman’s cry of parity in baseball is off-base.

Tim Kurkjian tells us what the most underrated aspect of the Red Sox is.

Jason Whitlock’s favorite New York writer Mike Lupica has some harsh words for the Yankees.

The NY Post steps up with another classic headline.

When I head to my next contract negotiation, I have to have Scott Boras come along and really increase my value to the company. Everyone in the A-Rod sweepstakes get ready to open your wallets real wide.

Ken Rosenthal has a nice feature on Cleveland starter Paul Byrd.

Joe Haggerty looks at the 1-2 of Sabathia and Carmona.

Within this piece we learn that even though TBS’ broadcasts of the LDS were available in less homes than Fox’s previous coverage, TBS was still able to increase ratings by 18%

Check Please! Darren Rovell has the final tab the Yankees will be picking up for the services of The Rocket.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports says that this years baseball playoffs prove once again that having the highest salary is no guarantee of playoff success.

Jessica Camerato looks at this afternoon’s matchup of Kendrick Perkins vs. Al Jefferson in London.

Sports on TV

If your able to leave work early you can catch Kevin Garnett and the Celtics take on Garnett’s former team the Timberwolves in London. The game is being broadcast on ESPN2 at 2:30PM. For the college football fans, Navy will take on Pittsburgh tonight at 8PM on ESPN. The Bruins might have attracted their largest audience of the season if it weren’t for their west coast start time, but unfortunately for them they will be in action at 10PM on NESN as they take on Anaheim. For a look at everything else, check here.