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Can you feel that? That’s the feeling of anticipation and also great expectations from a whole legion of Red Sox fans. The Red Sox begin their attempts to capture a World Series title tonight at Fenway Park. American League Cy Young award candidate Josh Beckett takes the mound vs. 19-9 John Lackey. You’ll be hard pressed to find many “experts” around that have picked the Angels in this series, but there are a few.

Only one of ESPN’s experts picked the Angels.

Gordon Edes
filling in for Bob Ryan offers his thoughts on the ALDS via this chat.

Tim Kurkjian has 5 Questions about the ALDS

Ken Rosenthal over at Fox Sports says that the longer playoff schedule will provide an advantage for some teams.

Chad Finn checks in with his ALDS preview.

Kyle Veltrop over at the Sporting News breaks down the series by telling us the Sox have the advantage over the Angels in 3 out of 4 categories, but he still picks the Angels reasoning that they don’t have JD Drew…now that’s deep analysis.

Gabe Kapler has his own blog

Buster Olney tells us Papi is hitting .404 in September

John Donovan over at SI.com gives us his full analysis of the ALDS

Interesting piece by Sean Deveney over at Sporting News about Red Sox manager Terry Francona. We learn some nice things about Tito, plus some funny stories about Manny.

Mike DiGiovanna over at the LA Times says these aren’t your grandfather’s Red Sox

This is interesting, according to these Insider Edge report cards, JD Drew gets a grade of B and Mike Lowell gets a B+….huh?

Eric Gagne didn’t have to worry about anyone asking for his autograph after blowing a lead against Anaheim earlier this year

Here we learn TBS will be carrying not only this year’s playoffs but a “afternoon game of the week” beginning next year.

Tickets for tonight’s game might cost you a day’s pay.

Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci has his preview, and he gives the edge to the Sox

Around the Web

Gregg Easterbrook has his originally titled Tuesday Morning Quarterback. If your able to make it through this marathon of an article there is a nice small piece on Pats O-Line coach Dante Scarnecchia, of course Gregg can’t write an article without taking a cheap shot or two at Belichick.

Dr Z has his power rankings up, you can guess who’s number one

Darren Rovell says that if the Knicks fire Isiah, he can always sell popcorn

I going to go out on a limb on this one, The Recruit will not be on Tom Brady’s Top 10 Movies list.

The Media Circus has a few choice quotes from our favorite funny man Tony K

Cold Hard Football Facts says the Patriots lead their Big Play Index

Peter King has his MMQB Tuesday Edition where he manages to answer a Brett Favre question

Using Gregg Easterbrook’s logic, Michael Vick lied to Roger Goodell and Falcons owner Arthur Blank, so we can deduce that he cheated on this test, right?

Tom Brady is the 1st Quarter MVP, or so says Vic Carucci

Jason Whitlock gives his take on the Jena 6 incident

Matt Leinart says his comments to Yahoo Sport’s Michael Silver were taken out of context. I wonder if it was the sauvignon blanc talking?

On TV Tonight

The MLB playoffs begin today on TBS at 3PM with the Rockies taking on the Phillies. The full TBS playoff schedule can be found here

The Red Sox will begin at 6:30 with Boston’s favorite Jerry Remy throwing out the first pitch.

The rest of tonights sports action can be found here

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