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The Patriots will get to show off their stuff in primetime tonight on Monday Night Football. The Pats will travel to Cincinnati to take on the 1-2 Bengals. It will also be the first time that New England fans will be forced to listen to the new MNF lineup. Don’t forget to submit your questions to Tony Kornheiser he might just read your question on the air, on second thought….check that.

Bill Rabinowitz of The Columbus Dispatch says that the Pats and Bengals are meeting again for the 4th game of the season, but this year the circumstances are much different. Mike Sando over at ESPN talks to Bengals right tackle Willie Anderson who has high praise for the Pats.

Sando writing in the Hashmarks blog on ESPN tells us that Vince Wilfork is the key to everything the Patriots do on defense.

Scouts Inc. also provides us with a full breakdown of tonight’s showdown.

For all the x’s and o’s peopleFootball Outsiders has a great analysis of the Bengals defense, or lack thereof.

Here are some comments from ESPN Analysts Ron Jaworski and Tony Kornheiser:

Previewing Monday Night Football’s Patriots-Bengals Match-Up …

Analyst Ron Jaworski: “I focus on the offensive line. It’s a multi-dimensional offensive line. They can run the football inside. The offensive line has the athletic ability to run the football outside and clear the way for the running backs the Patriots have. They have also been protecting Tom Brady very well. That’s why Brady is off to such a fantastic start.”

Analyst Tony Kornheiser: “Carson Palmer is a great quarterback. Tom Brady is, at this moment, unparalleled in the NFL. The New England team scores 38 every single game with precision. Cincinnati gives up 32. It’s an ‘uh-oh’ situation for Cincinnati, but Cincinnati can put 50 up. It’s possible this is gonna happen.”

MNF Pre-Game Notes:

* Bengals defensive end Justin Smith will be miked-up and “Wired” for sound during tomorrow night’s game;
* Actor Jamie Foxx, star of the new motion picture The Kingdom, will appear in a special tease open to this week’s game. In the open, Foxx plays an FBI agent who breaks into a secure facility to uncover the secrets behind the Patriots and Bengals’ explosive offensives;
* “Monday Night Musicians” — the MNF game and Monday Night Countdown pre-game show will highlight new music from Bruce Springsteen (singles: “Radio Nowhere” and “Livin in the Future”) and Matchbox Twenty (singles: “How Far We’ve Come” and “I’ll Believe You When”) coming in and out of commercials and during highlight packages.

Here are also a couple of Patriots notes from yesterday’s The NFL Today show on CBS:

(On Cincinnati vs. New England tonight):

Bill Cowher: There’s no way that Cincinnati, in my opinion, can match up against the offense that New England brings to the table. [If] This get into a shooting match, you’ll get into a situation where it is going to go back and forth, New England has too many weapons and their defense is much better than Cincinnati’s.

(On New England’s Vince Wilfork getting fined $12,500 on hit against Buffalo QB JP Losman):

Boomer Esiason: That’s not accidental, no way. Danny and I both know this. You’re not supposed to be diving at the quarterback’s knees, no matter what the situation is. That was a cheap shot, I would have fined him 25K.

Cowher: I agree it was uncalled for and shouldn’t have been done…He should be fined but I don’t think he was intentionally trying to hurt the player.

NFL News from around the Web

You didn’t think Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback would start off with any other story than the Favre story did you? Well Peter doesn’t disappoint, even telling us Favre managed to hug the Viking’s mascot on his way off the field in his record setting game.

Michael Silver’s Morning Rush has Matt Leinart frustrated with coach Ken Whisenhunt’s quarterback by committee approach.

Don Banks tells us the touchdown Favre threw to break Marino’s record came on a play he changed at the line.

Tom Curran has more on Favre’s record setting day.

In this week’s edition of 10-PackMike Florio of Pro Football Talk tells us the Jets starters are not regarded as particularly talented.


While the Patriots game will surely dominate the TVs and radios of the New England sports fans, there’s a one game win and your in playoff in the National League. The Rockies will host the Padres tonight in Denver in only the seventh one-game tiebreaker in major league history. This game can be seen on TBS starting at 7:30PM. Don Orsillo (play-by-play), Joe Simpson (analyst) and Craig Sager (reporter) will call the action.

Also, be sure to check Patriots Daily for continuous coverage of tonight’s matchup.

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