It seemed like a certain pitcher’s duel for sure…Tim Wakefield and his 18-2 career record against the Devil Rays against Scot Kazmir, who has dominated the Red Sox like not pitcher since the 1950’s. Wakefield help up his end of the bargain, pitching 7 shutout innings, while the Sox got to Kazmir early, resulting in a 6-0 win for Boston to start a long road trip.

Jeff Horrigan has Wakefield dominating, even without his security blanket out there behind the plate. Gordon Edes has catcher Kevin Cash making it through his outing with Wakefield unscathed by keeping his cool. Steven Krasner looks at Cash shaking off a rough beginning to the night and keeping his focus. Jeff Goldberg has Cash finally solving Wakefield, though the knuckleball remained a mystery to the Rays. Bill Ballou has more on Wakefield’s mastery over Tampa.

Rob Bradford has the Red Sox using fantasy football as a means to keep loose while the AL East race tightens up. Nick Cafardo loves contract issues, and weighs in today on Mike Lowell’s situation. The third baseman would love to stay here in Boston, and has become an important figure in the clubhouse, but the team has not approached him about a new contract. Garry Brown says that it is not time to panic over the Red Sox.

Alex Speier has Mike Timlin closing in on career appearance number 1000. Bradford has Dustin Pedroia‘s candidacy for rookie of the year heating up. Horrigan has Alex Cora assisting young players in his native Puerto Rico with a workout facility after the winter league there was recently shut down. Bradford reports on a summer of fun coming to an end for Mike Timlin‘s son, who had to go back to school yesterday.

Wily Mo Pena, left a message for the fans of Boston after his trade to the Nationals last week.

Horrigan’s notebook has time working against Matt Clement’s goal of pitching in the majors this season. Edes notebook has a look at J.D. Drew’s lack of production in the five spot, with his homerless streak reaching 46 games. Krasner’s notebook has Wakefield continuing his domination of the Devil Rays, improving to 19-2 all time. Goldberg’s notebook has the Red Sox able to strike early against Scott Kazmir. Ballou’s notebook has Cash making a worthy debut with the knuckleball.

Christopher Price has his debut “Inside Gillette” column for Patriots Daily, looking at the balancing act that the preseason is, between getting game reps and avoiding injury. He also listing 5 things to watch for this week.

Rich Garven speculates whether Tom Brady might miss the regular season opener to attend the birth of his child. Christopher L. Gasper has Brady trying to keep focused with all that is going on around him, not the least of which is the impending birth of his first child. Karen Guregian has Brady hoping to attend the birth of the child, which would require some time off from the Patriots. Kevin McNamara has Brady ready to fly to L.A. any minute for the birth. Steve Buckley tells us that this is all none of our business….and then writes about it anyway. David Heuschkel has more on Brady being ready to take some family time.

Mike Reiss has Vinny Testaverde pumped up to start his 21st NFL season. Mark Farinella has more on the veteran QB coming back for another go-round with the Patriots. Buckley has Testaverde saying that he’ll be rooting for the New York Jets when his playing days are over, but that he’s 100% committed to helping the Patriots beat them right now.

Albert Breer has the Patriots needing to deal with pass protection issues pretty quickly. Price has the Patriots offense sputtering after the first two preseason games. Breer also has Stephen Gostkowski having some struggles this preseason.

The Globe notebook has Laurence Maroney shedding his red jersey, meaning he set to take contact. Guregian’s notebook has more on Maroney being cleared. Robert Lee’s notebook has Testaverde still showing plenty of hunger. Heuschkel’s notebook has Testaverde running his coaches together when talking to the press yesterday. Garven’s notebook has more on Gostkowski trying to get a routine down to calm him as he kicks. Farinella’s notebook has Brady brushing off his rough outing from last Friday night.

Bob Ryan looks at Michael Vick officially heading to the doghouse. Jeff Jacobs notes that Vick was ever-elusive on the field, but not so much in the legal system.


Matt Richardson strings together some random thoughts on the Celtics on the Full Court Press.

Frank Dell’Apa looks at Taylor Twellman polishing his all around game. Mike Biglin has the Revs making it through a tough stretch.