As one reader pointed out, the annoying thing about Shaughnessy’s column this morning is that you just know that if the Celtics lose back-to-back games this winter, Shaughnessy will treat us to “a ridiculously patronizing piece about us stupid fans having unrealistic expectations with some corny July 31st reference thrown in.”

When he does, just remember this morning’s column.

Adam Reilly says that Kevin Garnett shouldn’t be held responsible for Michael Wilbon’s commentary/speculation on the topic of race in Boston, and that the local media has a responsibility to keep that from happening.

I heard the WEEI caller that Reilly is referring to this morning, and the guy made about three egregious errors in his claims about Garnett and the trade, but John Dennis, Steve DeOssie and Jon Meterparel really didn’t correct any of them, they were more worried about about the issue of whether this was a good/bad trade for the Celtics.

Mark Murphy and Shira Springer report that the Celtics have signed guards Eddie House and Jackie Manuel.

ESPN has a Writer roundup on whether the balance of power has shifted to the East with the trade of Garnett and others to the conferece.

Mike Kahn says that Kevin McHale did his buddy Danny Ainge a huge favor with this deal.

Dan Wetzel says that this deal was the redemption of Danny Ainge.

Kevin Hench considers the Pros and Cons of the deal for the Celtics.

Mike Celizic says that things just can’t get much better in Boston right now.

Kyle Veltrop also looks at an incredible day for Boston.

Jeffri Chadiha visited Patriots camp and came away impressed with Adalius Thomas.

Mike Freeman also came to Pats camp, and toys with the “Belichick is gone after this year” storyline. He did however, have time to give us Five things to know about the Patriots.

Patriots Daily looks at a Newsday article about Bill Belichick, where the coach again states that he doesn’t see his situation with the Patriots changing “anytime soon.”

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