I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new website that promises to bring fans of the New England Patriots daily analysis of their favorite team. In addition, the site will present the very latest in web technology to offer readers a rich multimedia experience. Readers will be strongly encouraged to take part in the discussions on the site, allowing them to weigh in on the latest news and events.

The website is Patriots Daily and can be found at http://www.patriotsdaily.com. The site is now up and running, though regular posting of new content does not start until tomorrow, Friday, July 27th – to coincide with the start of Patriots Training Camp.

The site will incorporate downloadable podcasts, videos and RSS feed subscription services. Other features include interactive book rankings and an automatically updated set of Patriots headline links from across the Internet. One of the goals of the site is to both embrace technology and utilize the latest tools and techniques in social media and blogging.

To that end, the site has partnered with two new companies providing multimedia services to web publishers. The first, Podcastnewsservice.com allows web publishers to instantly turn their content into podcasts. While the implementation has not been done on Patriotsdaily.com just yet, it is already in the works behind the scenes.

The second company is SplashCast Media which allows publishers to set up “channels” and “shows” to play in an embedded player on their website. A Patriots Daily channel has been set up and filled with podcasts, videos and slide shows from around the internet, all focused on the Patriots. These items can be played without leaving the page.

In addition to regularly scheduled daily entries, any breaking news will be covered and commented on quickly, and following the season, the site will feature extensive draft coverage.

Patriotsdaily.com will officially be launched on Friday, July 27th, 2007, with a Patriots Roundtable season preview. Come check the site out today and add a bookmark!

Site URL: http://www.patriotsdaily.com

Site RSS Feed: http://feed.patriotsdaily.com/PatriotsDaily

Site Comments Feed: http://feed.patriotsdaily.com/PatriotsDailyComments

Advertising Information: http://www.patriotsdaily.com/advertising/

(If you really want to take a look at the entire press release, it is here.)