Even though it’s not directly sports media related, it’s been fun following the fallout of Howie Carr’s attempt to leave WRKO for WTTK.

There is a sports connection in that WRKO is the sister station to WEEI under the Entercom umbrella and has the rights to the Red Sox games. Since there have been no Red Sox games to talk about this week, reading the accounts of WEEI/WRKO bosses Julie Kahn and Jason Wolfe reacting to the situation and desperately trying to get things back under control on the SaveWRKO blog has provided much needed entertainment over the last couple of days.

Pretty much everything that Wolfe and Kahn have done at WEEI has earned them accolades, but it seems the opposite is true in many respects in their efforts to get WRKO turned around.

FOX Sports’ coverage of the MLB All-Star Game posted a total audience of 31.4 million viewers, the most of any All-Star Game since 2004 (32.8 million).

The game averaged an 8.4/15 (12.5 million viewers), matching the highest rating for any show on any network since FOX’s House finale on May 29. FOX’s game and pregame show (5.9/11) combined to average a 7.9/14 from 8:00-11:00 PM. That makes this the highest-rated night of prime time on any network since FOX’s American Idol finale on May 23.

Dan Kennedy says that the Shaughnessy-haters have hit a new low.

Dan Lamothe has Jonathan Papelbon griping about the use of radar guns to a Buffalo newspaper.

Rob Bradford has another installment of what we’ve learned about the Red Sox this season.

Eric Wilbur says that the AL East race is over and the Sox are on cruise control the rest of the way.

The Bruins 2007-08 schedule is out.

Teddy Panos ponders sports 10 commandments.

Tom Curran talks to Henry Aaron and Barry Bonds about the home run record. OK, so it wasn’t that Henry Aaron and that Barry Bonds.

Clark Judge has Romeo Crennel at the top of his coaches on the hot seat list.

Mark Kriegel has a look at HBO’s documentary Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush which airs tonight.

Bored with Sox Appeal, Surviving Grady has some other original show ideas for NESN.


7:00pm, CN8 – Eastern League All Star Game
7:30pm, ESPN2 – AAA All Star Game
10:00pm, FSN – Celtics vs. Team China