Well, the server woes continue. Some of you can see the latest updates just fun, while others are seeing the site as it was last week, or earlier this week.

What apparently has happened was that the site was moved to a new server by my host, but they didn’t tell me, and there is a delay in propagation – telling other servers around the internet about the new address. This could take a couple more days to finally resolve. Regardless, I’m not pleased.

Another victim of this move has been email. I long ago stopped using my host to serve up my email, but doing that requires some custom settings on the server (DNS). These settings were wiped out in the move. I’ve since taken the measure of moving all those settings to my registrar – so that hopefully in the future if this should happen again, email will not be interrupted.

If you have sent me an email in the last day or two that requires a response from my, please wait another couple days, and if you don’t hear from me, please re-send it. If you have an urgent need to contact me, you can send email to admin |AT| bruceallenmedia |DOT| com.

In the future, I’m going to try to use blog.bruceallenmedia.com as a place to keep you updated on these types of things. If you ever come to Bostonsportsmedia.com and find the site down, not updated, or otherwise strange, head over to that blog to see if I’ve posted an update there.

Since I spent an hour this morning trying to sort out my email situation, in lieu of regular links I’m going to have to refer you to the dashboards. These are set up at a separate host, so if BSMW is ever down, these should still be working. At the moment I have more confidence in the host that has these than in the host that has BSMW:

CelticsLinks.com (Draft Tonight)

RedSoxLinks.com (Swept in Seattle)


BruinsLinks.com (assistant GM Jeff Gorton out the door)

A few other notes:

The Hartford Courant reveals a new web site design today.

Yesterday, a post on Reiss’s Pieces announced that others besides Mike Reiss will now be able to post on the blog. While this is understandable in some aspects – believe it or not Reiss isn’t the only writer covering football at the Globe – in other ways, I don’t like it. Reiss created this “brand” and it almost seems like diluting it a little bit by allowing others to post in the blog which carries his name. Also, the stated purpose of allowing other writers to post – adding additional thoughts or reaction to an article in the paper, seems to take away from the strength of the blog, which has always been about bringing you every detail of Patriots news as it happens.

The Globe/Boston.com would be better served in setting up an additional blog rather than tinkering with the runaway success of Reiss’s Pieces.

Bill Doyle has his “Tuning In” column today, with a look at NESN’s Jayme Parker, who has been “flashing” listeners at WEEI.

Ron Chimelis says that Curt Schilling just doesn’t get it.

If the technology allows, I will attempt a quick afternoon post today. The last few days, I couldn’t even log into the site to try and do that…