Back on May 9th, in one of his “thoughts” columns, Dan Shaughnessy stated:

I want to learn more about the beefy Fenway cop who always gives the high-fist to Jonathan Papelbon when Pap comes out of the bullpen for the ninth.

Apparently he never followed up on his interest, and Suzanne Smalley wrote the article in the Globe today.

It’s a little over-the-top (“the knuckle knock has captured the imagination of Sox fans from the bleachers to the blogosphere.”) but still a nice read.

Jon Scott on has a Patriots Q & A with James Lavin – Author of Management Secrets of the New England Patriots about whether the Patriots changed their philosophy this offseason.

Vinnie Iyer of The Sporting News has a look at how Randy Moss will fit in with the Patriots.

Christopher L. Gasper and Albert Breer look at whether Laurence Maroney will be able to carry a full load for the Patriots this season.

Gordon Edes has some whoppers in the questions he answers in the latest Red Sox mailbag.

After the NCAA made enemies with bloggers of both the media and fan variety by ejecting a reporter live-blogging during a NCAA baseball playoff, Neil Best reports today that the NY Islanders are welcoming fan bloggers this coming season with a special section and access.

A Golden State Warriors Blog looks at the Sam Smith started rumor of Jason Richardson to the Celtics for the #5 pick.

Joe Haggerty has a piece on Hideki Okajima.


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