ESPN’s newest football blog, Hashmarks is a pretty good feed to add to your RSS reader to keep up with the latest NFL news during the course of the day.

Bill Belichick was the unanimous choice of ESPN experts as the best coach in the NFL.

Tony Massarotti on has a look at the spectacular failure that is the 2007 New York Yankees.

Ron Borges in Pro Football Weekly says that the Patriots have shown that character doesn’t count more than ability.

Former Roger Clemens nemesis Dave Stewart has a few things to say about the Rocket’s latest comeback.

Apparently MLB isn’t a fan of the Slingbox.

Dayn Perry of FoxSports has a look at what makes the Red Sox tick this year.

Mike Reiss and Albert Breer have Patriots player reaction from passing camp today to the passing of teammate Marquise Hill over the weekend.

In his ESPN Blog (Insider Subscription required) Buster Olney compares Kevin Youkilis to a right-handed Wade Boggs. An excerpt:

If Wade Boggs wasn’t in the Hall of Fame, you could say that Kevin Youkilis is a right-handed Wade Boggs, because of all the similarities between the two. Neither was ever considered a top prospect, neither is blessed with what scouts would call a good baseball body, and neither Boggs nor Youkilis has ever been confused with Rickey Henderson or Jose Reyes for foot speed.

And Youkilis grinds through his at-bats, likes Boggs once did. He works the count, fouls off tough pitches, makes opposing pitchers sweat. He gets a lot of cheap hits — flares and dinkers and dunkers — in the same way that Boggs and Tony Gwynn and Derek Jeter get a lot of cheap hits, the classic sign of good hitters. Now Youkilis has a 21-game hitting streak, nine consecutive multihit games, and he is hitting .358.


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