The Red Sox did manage to get their game in today and defeated the Angels by a score of 7-2. Josh Beckett picked up his third win of the young season, going six innings, giving up one run while striking out five.

Of course, today is also Marathon day, and Robert Cheruiyot won the men’s race for the second straight year and his third overall, while Lidiya Grigoryeva won the women’s race.

The April 23rd edition of The New Yorker features an extensive feature on Manny Ramirez by Ben McGrath. The feature is eight pages long, and seems to focus mostly on the quirks and mystery of the Red Sox slugger.

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Celtics forward Ryan Gomes did a bit of an about-face on some comments he made after the Celtics clinched the second-worst record in the NBA Friday night.

Coco Crisp has been a disappointment in Boston. There’s really no getting around that fact. Whether it has been due to injury or another reason, the centerfielder has not performed as expected in his time here with the Red Sox.

But I hate stuff like this. Here’s a line from Tony Massarotti’s column today:

The season is still young, but time is starting to catch up with Coco Crisp. And soon, unless things change, we must all ask the obvious question:

What, exactly, did the Red Sox see in this guy?

What’s more, as the column goes on, Massarotti mentions a number of times that Crisp has not been what the Red Sox had expected. He concludes:

Of course, there is now the very real possibility that they were simply foolish to expect such great things in the first place.

This is just another example of why so many people distrust and dislike the media. Look at what Massarotti himself wrote when the Red Sox acquired Crisp on January 22, 2006:

In the 26-year-old Crisp, the Sox will have a switch-hitter who possesses an array of talents. Though Crisp has played left field for the Indians - Cleveland has the blossoming Grady Sizemore in center - he played center field during his minor league career. In slightly more than two full major league seasons, Crisp has 35 career home runs and 54 career steals. Last season, he batted .300 with 16 home runs, 15 steals, a .345 on-base percentage and .465 slugging percentage.

Just as important from the perspective of Sox officials, Crisp is not eligible for free agency until after the 2009 season. That made Crisp infinitely more appealing than Tampa Bay Devil Rays shortstop Julio Lugo [stats], who is eligible for free agency after the 2006 campaign.

Prior to intensifying talks with Cleveland, the Sox also had serious discussions with the Devil Rays about Lugo. Sox officials came to the realization during the process that either Lugo or Crisp would cost them a package including Marte. One of the primary reasons they opted for Crisp is because they can control his services for a longer period of time.

While Crisp batted second (behind Sizemore) for the majority of time last season, he will replace Damon atop the Red Sox batting order. Crisp has a .271 average as a leadoff hitter over the last three seasons, but he is just now reaching the prime years of his career.

This is the type of stuff that just drives me nuts…the 20/20 hindsight along with the snide cracks at the Red Sox organization, when Tony himself sure touted Crisp just as highly as the Red Sox did.

I’ve asked this before: Do these guys really think that everything they’ve said in the past is just gone forever and can be ignored?

The point is not that Crisp’s play shouldn’t be criticized…as I mentioned, he has been a disappointment. The issue here is that Massarotti writes “What did the Red Sox ever see in this guy” when he could’ve looked back through his own work to get the answer to that.


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