It’s official…Rob Bradford is heading to the Boston Herald, following in John Tomase’s footsteps from the Laurence Eagle Tribune. David Scott has the news and reaction from Bradford on the change.

What this means for Bradford on Baseball remains to be seen.

With all the hype about the Dice-K/Ichiro matchup tonight, it’s easy to forget that the Red Sox have been the at center of the Japanese baseball world before.

As Jerry Crasnick on points out, on May 2nd, 2001, all of Japan was watching as Hideo Nomo faced Ichiro for the first time in America.

That game was memorable for the fact that Nomo plunked Ichiro in the back during that game, and dropping him to his knees at the plate, sparking talk of whether there was bad blood between the two of them.

Things at NESN could be getting ugly behind the scenes as there is currently a Union Organization effort taking place at the network.

Leaders of the effort have created a website, and this is taken from the site’s “About” page:

In February of 2007 NESN employees, who were fed up with being taken advantage of by NESN management, contacted the National Association of Broadcast Employees & Technicians (NABET) to find out about organizing workers at NESN. An organizing committee was formed and an overwhelming number of employees in the Operations & Engineering Departments signed Union Authorization cards, stating that they desired that NABET represent them in collective bargaining with NESN management.

Upon learning that its employees had begun the organizing process, NESN embarked on a misinformation campaign in an effort to stamp out the Union movement. Managers have attempted discourage Union votes by spreading rumors and falsehoods about the Union. Managers have told workers that the Union would force them to strike, demand outrageous Union dues and restrict their ability to do their job and to use certain equipment. These claims are false, but NESN is hoping that employees will not have access to the truth, or be easily discouraged or intimidated.

NESN management is telling employees that they are too stupid to find the right information, and that they are also to weak to stand up for themselves. We believe that both notions are ridiculous.

The most recent post on the site states that the page has been blocked being viewed from inside NESN.

We’ll be watching this matter closely at BSMW, and would like get a clearer picture from both sides of the issue.

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