Boston College came through this afternoon in their first round match up with Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech squad, defeating the Red Raiders 84-75.

Jeff Goodman was on with Dennis & Callahan this morning and did his usual fine job talking college basketball. He’s pretty sure that Kevin Durant and Greg Oden will be coming out in the NBA draft this spring, and also says that he feels 75% sure that Brandan Wright of North Carolina will also be coming out and would be the third pick should Oden and Durant both enter the draft.

Dale & Holley had Saint Joseph’s coach Phil Martelli on, and he was very entertaining. In addition to the NCAA tournament, he talked some about Delonte West, who played for him in college.

This just in, Glenn Ordway tells us that there will be more local interest in the NCAA tournament when Durant, Oden and Joakim Noah are playing. You can’t get that type of insightful commentary just anywhere.

He is also “scared” that the Red Sox don’t have a “lights out” bullpen and closer. Ordway is one of those guys who gets fixated on a word or term and uses it approximately 510,468,656 times in the course of a show. “scared” (“a-scared?”) and “lights out” are apparently today’s words.


The Herald posted this update on their sports page (not the football blog) in the middle of the day today, with Michael Felger reporting that the Raiders and Packers were close to agreeing on a deal for Randy Moss.

It is curious on a couple of levels. First, of all it doesn’t involve the Patriots and is a deal between two teams the Patriots rarely play. How did they get this scoop? This wouldn’t seem to be a story that the Herald is going to be breaking. Of course, Felger is from Wisconsin and a huge Packers fan, so that may play into it.

Second, this comes a week after the Herald said that Bill Belichick might be interested in coaching Moss. Let’s play conspiracy theory here and say that the Herald talked to Moss’ agent who planted that Belichick story, knowing it might drum up interest in his client (or at the very least appear to). Then, the next week, a trade is worked out with another team, and – surprise – the Herald is the first with the news.

I’m not saying that’s how it happened, but it’s funny that the Herald would be the first with this story the week after suggesting the Patriots might be interested.


Bill Simmons is live-blogging the games for ESPN Page2 today.

Curt Schilling attempts to set the record straight on his contract, how things went down with the Red Sox this spring, and what his plans and hopes for next year are.

After a few days off, Rob Bradford is back on the blogging bandwagon, with a couple of good posts today.

Jared Puffer of has a “Behind the Scenes” feature with Jabar Gaffney.

Don Pierson of MSNBC says that the Patriots have ruled the offseason thus far.

Marty Burns has a look at Al Jefferson’s emergence this season in his NBA Notebook.


Some stats from regarding their online brackets:

Fans submitted more than 3.3 million brackets as part of’s 12th annual Men’s Tournament Challenge Presented by Pontiac and State Farm, surpassing last year’s record of slightly more than 3 million. At the peak period, fans registered more than 2,490 brackets per minute.

The Men’s Tournament Challenge “National Bracket” – reflecting the percentage of people picking each match-up throughout the Men’s Tournament – showed that more fans picked Kansas, Ohio State, Florida and North Carolina to reach the Final Four than any other teams. In those predicted games (Florida vs. Kansas, Ohio State vs. North Carolina):

  1. Ohio State was picked to defeat North Carolina 60.4 % of the time;
  2. Florida was picked to defeat Kansas 58.5 % of the time;
  3. Fans picked Ohio State to defeat Florida in the national championship game 50.6 % of the time.

Other interesting figures from the Men’s Tournament Challenge “National Bracket”

Figures for early round games include:

  • 60.1 % of entrants picked Villanova to defeat Kentucky;
  • 31.2 % of entrants picked Virginia Tech to be upset by Illinois;
  • 99.3 % of entrants picked North Carolina to defeat Eastern Kentucky;
  • 26 % of entrants picked Virginia Commonwealth to defeat Duke;
  • 16.3% of entrants picked Albany to upset Virginia;
  • 55.4 % of entrants picked Notre Dame to defeat Winthrop;
  • 15.2 % of entrants picked Davidson to upset Maryland;
  • 0.7 % of entrants picked Jackson State to upset Florida;
  • 60.6 % of entrants picked Butler to defeat Old Dominion;
  • 46.3 % of entrants picked Texas Tech to upset Boston College.


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