Dan Shaughnessy did a chat on Boston.com this morning, Dan displays his aversion to capital letters, (It appears he made an effort with his first answer and then just gave up.) and replies to a whole lot of questions in his time online.

Speaking of Shaughnessy, the Dan Shaughnessy Watch blog is back online after a hiatus of a few months.

The Media Circus has a lot of material to work with this week, much of it provided by Peter King.

ESPN Ombudsman George Solomon weighs in on the network’s coverage of Super Bowl week.

ESPN’s Daily Dime weighs in on the Celtics 15th straight loss.


From the Email Inbox today:

Hey Bruce,

I was turned off about Butch arguing that he found the Matsuzaka commercial bad. I even emailed the Big Show the example of the Bud commercial in the stadium where the people in the stands used cards for pouring the beer into the glass and than they showed it being drank. I said why didn’t he consider that one just as bad as the Matsuzaka commercial.

But I found out he lost his father to a drunk driver. I will give Butchy a break on this one, as I think he is blinded a little because of his tragic loss. I think he does not want any excuse for younger people get blasted and get behind the wheel. And in another note Butch and his family has founded a foundation that has helped many families who went through the same thing as his family. Which should be commended.

I say lay off the throttle on this particular one with Butch. BUT STAY ON HIM FOR EVERY OTHER THING HE SAYS!!!!!!!!!! As what he says is sometimes so stupid…

All the best


FSN New England is getting ready for spring training, with broadcasts from Florida set to begin on February 19th.

From their press release this afternoon:

Baseball is back and so is Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight’s beachside coverage of the first full week of Spring Training. For the fourth consecutive season, hosts Gary Tanguay and Greg Dickerson go “On the Road” and welcome Red Sox players, coaches and front office staff to DiamondHead Beach Resort for twice-nightly shows in front of live audiences on Fort Myers Beach.

FSN’s “On the Road” coverage of Spring Training is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“We offer much more for the passionate baseball fan than the traditional three-minute live shot from the ballpark,” said Tanguay. “With a full hour of coverage each night, viewers get a more in-depth perspective from the players than they would watching any other station.”

“The atmosphere in Spring Training is light and the pace is much slower. Our beach and poolside settings reflect that atmosphere. It gets the players and coaches to relax and it makes for a memorable week for the viewers at home and especially fans in Fort Myers,” said Dickerson.

Every afternoon, FSN will tape its early show from DiamondHead’s scenic beach. Fans congregate on the beach, taking up strategic positions on towels and beach chairs, to create a perimeter in front of the set. Players, coaches and members of the baseball media will take questions from Tanguay and Dickerson during the 30-minute taping. FSN records the show at 4:30 p.m. each afternoon.

For the late edition, FSN New England will go live from the DiamondHead Resort pool patio. New this year, the pool will serve as the backdrop for the telecast and will be open to resort guests. The live audience will be in the pool and around it. Players, coaches and members of the baseball media will take questions from Tanguay and Dickerson during the live 30-minute show.


7:00pm, ESPN – Georgetown @ Louisville (HD)
7:00pm, ESPN2 – Illinois @ Northwestern (HD)
7:00pm, ESPNU – Boston College @ Miami
7:30pm, FSN – Heat @ Celtics (HD)
7:30pm, NESN – Albany @ Maine
9:00pm, TV38 – North Carolina @ Duke
9:00pm, ESPN2 – Soccer: USA vs Mexico