A few leftover thoughts/items from the weekend and today.

Yesterday’s Patriots game picked up a 36.5 rating/64 share on WBZ-TV. Patriots Fifth Quarter notched an impressive 16.3 rating/29 share from 4:30 to 5:15.

Where was the WFAN simulcast on Dale & Holley this morning? Didn’t the NY guys last week say that they wanted to do it again on Monday?

Who from the Globe does the interview with photographer Jim Davis, who was pushed aside by Bill Belichick on his way to Mangini following the game? (Belichick expressed regret over the incident on his Big Show appearance this afternoon)

Jackie MacMullan’s piece on Asante Samuel was a good read, but I’ve got to question the Globe on their timing on running the feature. As you probably know, the story contains a number of pretty inflammatory comments from Samuel on his frustration about the lack of progress being made on getting him a new contract. Samuel is quoted as follows in the piece:

What they offered isn't even worth discussing. It's disappointing. You want to believe they know what you've done. So you hope for the best, but you end up feeling underappreciated. You feel disrespected, especially how they come at you with so much negative stuff. They show you such a low regard.

In this morning’s Globe, Julian Benbow has Samuel quoted as saying that he gave those quotes in MacMullan’s piece “three or four weeks ago.”

Three or four weeks ago? Let me get this straight. MacMullan and the Globe have had these quotes in their hip pocket for up to a month now, and they choose to hold it, and run the feature as their main story on the day of the Patriots first playoff game?

Now, I’m can already hear someone misinterpreting this criticism and accusing me of saying that they shouldn’t have run the quotes from a guy that is unhappy with his contract. That’s not the issue. I don’t have a problem with the questions, or the running of the answers in the piece. What I have an issue with is saving them up to run on the day of the first playoff game.

They couldn’t have just wanted to stir things up, could they? Create a controversy? Nah.


We’re still waiting for the Globe correction on Ron Borges’ claims last week that the Patriots go for it on fourth down more than any other team in the league. He claimed again that Stephen Gostkowski is “the reason New England leads the league in fourth-down tries.” This was shown to be inaccurate, and I know of several Globe readers who have requested a correction.

Don’t hold your breath, guys.

I will give Borges credit for his column this morning, he appears to have gotten some one-on-one time with Mangini, as he had some quotes in that piece that I didn’t see anywhere else.


In case you had any doubts that Michael Felger’s transformation to the dark side was complete, check this clip from WBZ-TV’s Patriots Game Day yesterday. He proclaims that the Patriots don’t pay anyone and admonishes Steve Burton for buying into the “Kool Aid drinking.”

Have you really bought everything about this Kool Aid Drinking here with this team? I mean you think its all a big campfire and everyone gets along, and everyone is happy, and everyone is satisfied with their role and what they are getting paid here? You think that is what is going on here?

Would the old Felger have said anything remotely close to that?


From John Tomase’s game story this morning:

Tomlinson has faced the Patriots three times in his career, averaging 142 yards and scoring five touchdowns. He obliterated them in 2002, rushing for 217 yards and two scores, showing everyone how weak the Pats were up the middle minus nose tackle Ted Washington. They have rectified that weakness with Vince Wilfork.

The reason the Patriots were minus Ted Washington that day is because he was the property of the Chicago Bears. He didn’t join the Patriots until the next season.


Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback. – Lots of Patriots/Belichick/Mangini stuff in here.

Chad Finn’s First and 10 – As usual, nothing to disagree with here.

Michael McCarthy recaps the NFL weekend on TV, and says that Tony Romo’s blunder will live in infamy.

David Barron looks at the average Nielsen home market ratings for each of the 31 franchises (New Orleans was not measured by Nielsen during 2006) for its local team’s 16-game regular season. Boston came in 16th for Patriots games.

Cold Hard Football Facts believes that they have uncovered the secret to Bill Belichick’s success.


ESPNU will introduce a new programming initiative to supplement its college basketball schedule in the New Year. On January 10, the network will debut “Give ‘n Go”, a whip-around formatted show that will feature two hours of coverage from nine men’s basketball games. Additionally, the network will feature ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine’s Bill Simmons – “The Sports Guy” – as a special guest commentator later during two men’s basketball games on Jan. 15 and 22.

“Give ‘n Go” is scheduled for three Wednesdays — Jan. 10, Jan. 24 and Feb. 7 from 7-9 p.m. ET. During each window, the network will have frequent switches to and updates from games that are covered within the ESPN family of networks, as well as showcase live cut-ins from other regionally televised games permissible through conference agreements.

Simmons will assume the role of an ESPNU college basketball commentator alongside play-by-play announcer Rob Stone for a pair of Monday night games featuring schools from the West Coast Conference. On Jan. 15, “The Sports Guy” will call the San Francisco at Pepperdine game (11 p.m.) and on Jan. 22 he will return for the St. Mary’s at San Diego matchup (11 p.m.). A column about his experience announcing the aforementioned games will run in a future issue of ESPN The Magazine and on ESPN.com.


FOX has the BCS Championship Game with Ohio State/Florida at 8:15pm. ESPN has Villanova/Georgetown at 8:00 and Texas Tech/Kansas St at 10:00.