WEEI and WFAN teamed up today on the midday show, simulcasting Dale & Holley on the air with Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts and taking a few calls in the noontime hour.

Truth be told, the segment was pretty painful. The callers were almost all pro-Jets and the Patriots callers didn’t exactly represent themselves well. In fact, they were terrible. The first WEEI caller only managed a drunk sounding “Pats Suck!!” before getting cut off. New York callers obviously do not have a high opinion of Bill Belichick, as one insisted that Belichick knew he couldn’t win in New York and left for small-time New England “with his tail between his legs.”

The WFAN guys noted that the Jets have had problems with big, physical, defensive fronts all season, but said that the Patriots don’t provide one. Even after it was pointed out that Wilfork, Warren and Seymour are pretty good, they said that the Jets didn’t have too much trouble with the Patriots in Foxboro.

It was not noted however that Ty Warren didn’t play in that game, and Seymour was hampered with his arm injury and sat out a portion of that game as well.


Football Outsiders has a few articles that should be of interest this week, one is a look at the Jets Offensive Line, while the another is a look at the DB’s playing in the Wildcard round and has some impressive statistics for Asante Samuel. They also have a look at what works in the playoffs, and why these Patriots are built to win in the postseason.


Can someone please explain to me what Tony Massarotti is talking about?

Only three days remain before the latest installment of the Border War (Mangini Edition), and let the record show that Belichick this time fired the first shot. Certainly, it didn’t have to be this way. Mangini left his post as defensive coordinator of the Pats nearly a year ago to become head coach of the Jets, an especially wise career move now that Mangini is a leading candidate for NFL coach of the year.

Did I miss something from yesterday?

I liked Massarotti for the most part until he became a columnist. Since that time, whenever he writes about the Patriots he writes like a ninny. Check out a few headlines from Massarotti’s columns: (I know he doesn’t write the headlines, but these do reflect the content of the stories.)

  • Behavior’s so foolish: Pats had much to lose with win
  • So, they beat up Houston
  • Pats are nothing special: Clearly an ordinary team
  • Rout of Packers is hollow
  • Is old magic missing?
  • Patriots don’t stack up
  • Plain Pats give few answers
  • Problems in the present

Do you detect a pattern here? Again, these were all columns written about a 12-4 football team.


You could have made some good money (especially betting reporters from the Herald) predicting that Corey Dillon would be named Practice Player of the Week at any point this season, as he was for his work during practice last week. In case you weren’t aware, the practice player of the week is the player who does the best job providing a look for the OTHER side of the ball in preparation for the game. It takes a guy who is willing to work, willing to do help the team even though it’s not really helping HIM do what HE has to do in the game. (which, as you may remember, was score on a 21 yard run and run for 50 yards on a screen pass)

We’re all still waiting for the bad apple to explode. Has there been a followup story since Felger talked about his threatening confrontation with Dillon?


Peter Gammons checked in at Boston.com for a baseball chat.

Theo Ratliff is having back surgery and will probably not play for the Celtics again this season.

ESPN.com’s Patriots/Jets playoff page has Michael Smith taking a look at rookie kicker Stephen Gostkowski.

Bryan Morry has a look at the adjustments Tom Brady has had to make with his new receivers this season.

Phil Simms looks at the game within the game this weekend with Patriots/Jets.

The Gang Green message boards are fun read.

John Clayton has his First and 10 – Wildcard playoff edition.

Clark Booth weighs in on the baseball Hall of Fame voting and who should go in ahead of McGwire, Sosa or Bonds,


According to Nielsen Media Research fast national figures, the NFL on FOX’s National Games finished the season with a 13.8/26 national household rating/share and an average audience of 21.8 million viewers. Those impressive figures push the program past ABC’s Dancing with the Stars (top-rated) and Desperate Housewives (most-watched) this TV season to-date. FOX’s National Games was obviously the NFL’s highest-rated, most-watched window on any network, out-pacing CBS’s National Games by 11% (12.4) and NBC’s by 25% (11.0), and posting its highest rating since 1999 (14.1/28). Year-to-year, the NFL on FOX National Game increased 6% in rating and (13.8 vs. 13.1) and 7% in audience (21.8 million vs. 20.4).