WEEI played the Bill Belichick press conference from this morning as well as Wayne Huizenga’s press conference when he addressed the departure of Nick Saban.

Belichick referenced Mangini at least four times. Word is that he said it even more often on the NY conference call. He used the phrase “great job” quite often too. Is that enough, Felger? Callahan?

Huizenga’s press conference was stunning, as the Dolphins owner actually asked that the media forward their suggestions and input about what the franchise should do next to the Dolphins PR person and that they would take them seriously. Crazy.

On the Big Show, Butch Stearns said that J.D. Drew has bought a house in the Boston area, so it would appear that the long awaited deal will get done.

Sean McAdam called in to say there hasn’t been much movement in the situation, as Boras had been busy fleecing the Giants with the Zito contract.

Later, Butch asked in all seriousness if a 14-2 team has ever not gone to the Super Bowl. Again…shouldn’t he know this? He had to go and look it up…took him about 10-15 minutes.

Danny Ainge’s first line to the Big Show crew – “I’ve gotten a headache listening to you guys there.”

You’re not the only one, Danny.


WEEI is pimping their 2007 Whiney Awards, slated for February, but an interesting thing happens when you go to either www.whineyawards.com or www.whinerline.com

The rivalry continues!


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  • I think the Redskins are what the Boston media dreams to cover – big splash free agents, an organization full of sources, and they lose. What more could you want?