Not too much to comment on today, so here are just a few media-related and Boston sports links:

ESPN Ombudsman George Solomon examines how the network did in 2006. has a look at the innovative approach being taken by the Chicago Tribune, which is doing away with the traditional Bears game story and going with a two page spread of notes, stats and facts which makes the information easier to scan for the reader. Needless to say, some sportswriters aren’t thrilled with this approach.

Richard Sandomir critiques Bryant Gumbel’s performance as a play-by-play man for the NFL Network, noting that Gumbel now “has 11 months until his next broadcast to prove that he can be better than the play-by-play announcers who are ranked lowest on Fox’s or CBS’s depth charts.”

Neil Best has more on Gumbel and a look at Tiki Barber, noting that on Saturday night both were in the spotlight. He observes:

One is a great football player who aspires to be a morning TV host. The other is a former great morning host who has yet to master football.

In Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Gregg Easterbrook also weighs in on the NFL Network’s just completed first season of game broadcasts.

Aaron Bracy catches up on the long weekend in his sports media blog, and invites more reader feedback.

Jim Williams posts a guide for where to find your favorite sports events on TV in 2007.

Vic Carucci lists out the NFL players who are the most cooperative with the media. Richard Seymour makes the list.

Mike Reiss has a playoff edition of his Ask Reiss mailbag.

CelticsBlog has a new look for the new year.