After my comments yesterday about the WEEI “brainless trifecta,” I received an email suggesting that with so many slots to fill and a lot of people already on vacation, that perhaps it was difficult to just find anyone willing to fill the slots, especially to come in at 4:00 am to prep for the morning show. The emailer suggested I think about it, and keeping in mind the Globe restrictions, try to come up with a list of people who might be able to fill in some of the slots.

Off the top of my head, here’s my short list of people who don’t get called to fill in, but should:

Jon Rish – Evening flash guy did a great job dealing with the drunks and mouthbreathers during Red Sox rain delays last season and has shown willingness to mix it up with Mike Adams on occasion as well.

Mike Ratte – I think the ex-56 sports guy has some free time these days. I always liked him.

Mike Mutnansky – The weekend flash guy does an afternoon drive sports radio show up in NH on WGAM 900 AM. He’s good, too.

Mike Giardi – The NECN sports anchor has done a good job in the sports radio segments I’ve heard from him in the past.

Dan Roche – Should be getting all the gigs that his WBZ-TV colleague Steve Burton gets handed.

Eric Frede – Likable NESN personality has knowledge of the Red Sox and Bruins, and isn’t as raspy as Tom Caron.

Hazel Mae – Just because. Keep Mike Adams away from her though.

Gary Gillis was on my list too, but he was on with Butch Stearns yesterday. It was good to hear him on the air, I’d like to hear more from him.

Having all or any of these thrown into the mix would only be an improvement from the usual Steve Burton – Larry Johnson – Steve DeOssie – Butch Stearns – Bill Burt rotation. I’m sure a couple of the flash guys would be very willing to step up into the host chair as a fill in…isn’t that what they’re aiming for?


Today’s Steve Burton Morning Show Moment came when the host of Patriots Gameday and Fifth Quarter reporter could not remember whether Bryan Cox played for the Patriots under Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick. He concluded that he thought it may have been Parcells who brought him in here and kept him under control.

This captures perfectly much of the frustration I (and many others) have with sports radio. Anyone who has followed the Patriots recalls clearly the brutal hit that Cox placed on Jerome Pathon early in the 2001 season – a hit that is credited with really kick-starting the Patriots resurgence that Super Bowl season. For someone who is supposed to be a Patriots commentator and “expert” not to be able to recall this is just unfathomable.


Adam Reilly of The Phoenix puts together a list of seven predictions for things we’ll see in 2007. Among them is the inevitable Daisuke Matsuzaka media overkill. Reilly writes:

Look for the following angles in Matsuzaka coverage next year: stories on his pitching performance; stories on his adjustment to American culture; stories on the cultural and technical differences between Japanese and American baseball; stories on how the Japanese media are covering Matsuzaka’s Red Sox tenure; stories on how the Red Sox are catering to Japanese fans; stories on Matsuzaka’s home; stories on Tomoyo Shibata, a/k/a Mrs. Matsuzaka, as she hangs out with other players’ wives, goes shopping, looks for decent sushi, etc.; stories on Matsuzaka’s interpreter. If we’re really lucky, WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan will trot out some nasty anti-Japanese slur after a poor Matsuzaka performance, thereby subjecting us to stories on the incident in question; stories on anti-Japanese bias in the US; stories on how the Japanese media is covering the incident in question; etc. All in all, serious Matsuzaka fatigue should set in by mid June.

Adam Reilly, you’ve got BINGO. The D&C reference I’m sure was tongue-in-cheek, though I think it might be closer to reality than not.

Right on cue, announces a partnership with a Japanese Red Sox blog.

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