The Red Sox have dominated the airwaves today, with a good portion of the discussion revolving around the signings of J.D. Drew and Julio Lugo. However, there is still plenty of Manny talk going around with rumors around the league there is still a chance according to an ESPN Deportes report that Ramirez could still be traded.

I’m still trying to fathom Gerry Callahan’s column from yesterday on Manny. Aside from writing the column strictly to generate discussion on WEEI, it really makes you wonder about Callahan as a person. Gerry talks about how Manny hates the fans, but the only hate in that article is from Gerry. Why so much hate? I always liked Callahan as a columnist, he usually hit the nail on the head with his take on things, and was totally different as a columnist then he was as a radio host. However, it seems that the two are becoming one, as increasingly the Herald writers appear to be trying to hit a WEEI home run with each column they pen.

Tony Massarotti does it when he covers the Patriots, Michael Felger has been doing it all season, and Steve Buckley has been doing it longer than anyone else. They write columns that seem to be aimed at being so outlandish and controversial that it becomes a sports radio topic. It’s not a trend that I’m fond of.

With Manny there is a great divide between the media and the fans. For the most part, fans are concerned with production on the field and if a player helps them win. Some in the the media, in part because they’re not really concerned with whether the team wins or loses, (they’re “objective”, remember?) are more concerned with the personalities of the players they cover, whether they make their jobs easy or difficult and if they hustle all the time.

A few other notes from today:

  • Baseball Prospectus uses a PECOTA projection and has J.D. Drew hitting .286 with 14 home runs and 60 RBI for the Red Sox next season.
  • ESPN baseball analyst Peter Gammons was honored Tuesday evening as the recipient of the 2006 Baseball America Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented during the magazine’s annual banquet at Major League Baseball’s winter meetings in Orlando, Fla.
  • Paul Perillo said on WEEI this afternoon in a rare moment of Patriots talk that he thinks the only way that Asante Samuel is back with the Patriots next year is if they franchise him.
  • The Patriots/Bears game on November 26th had been the highest rated NFL game this season, however the mark didn’t last long as Sunday’s Giants/Cowboys game topped it with a 17.8/32 (27.6 million viewers) national rating/share for FOX. That rating is the highest of any NFL game since 1997, and made it the top rated show of the week, period. It beat out Grey’s Anatomy which had a 14.2.
  • The website JoeSportsFan has a look at why the NFL Media is so bad at handing out Fantasy Football Advice. They also look at some of the absurd nominations for Sportsman of the Year by some SI writers. Greg Garber has a look at NFL players who play fantasy football and the conflicts it creates.
  • The link got posted late, so if you missed it, Bill Barnwell on BSMW Game Day has a look at why Chris Chambers is the worst wide receiver in football.
  • After his strong words in Shira Springer’s article this morning, Celtics center Kendrick Perkins will miss the next three weeks to rest his sore left foot.

Finally, BSMW’s David Scott will be a guest of CN8’s Out of Bounds tonight at 11:00pm. He’ll also be blogging tonight’s UMass/BU game for the CSTV website.