World Series Rates in Boston

We lead off with a look at some local ratings numbers from the weekend.

The World Series numbers, though still likely a disappointment to FOX, still contain some interesting results here in the local area. Local pundits like to claim that Boston is so provincial that unless the Red Sox are playing, baseball doesn’t get watched. Well, the overnight numbers in the Boston market actually outperformed the national numbers for FOX. Nationally on Saturday night, game one garnered a 7.3/13, while Sunday’s game two, which had the benefit of an NFL lead-in and no competition from football on NBC, rated a 10.5/16 across the nation. As you’ll notice below, the Boston numbers were higher on both nights.

Game two was in fact, the second highest rated event that we charted this weekend, behind only the Patriots, who absolutely stomped the competition at 1:00pm Sunday.

Here’s a look at some other events of note from the weekend:


Note: I’ve been unable to get consistent cable numbers for NESN, ESPN and FSN. If anyone out there wants to help me out, please send an email.

Now onto the links…

Michael Felger has his weekly report card, and this week it consists of all “A’s” and “B’s”. Shalise Manza Young says that the Patriots once again showed an ability to correct their flaws and mistakes that they had made the first time they faced a club. Ian Clark also has a report card, and he hands out a “D” to the offensive line for allowing Brady to get hit too often on Sunday. Rich Garven sums up the Patriots this way: “A stingy defense, an opportunistic offense, a positive turnover differential. Those are the things we’ve been seeing from the Patriots as of late, and you can’t do better than that.” We’ve also got the Second Look from the game on the BSMW Game Day page.

Christopher L Gasper looks at the Patriots receivers and Tom Brady starting to establish some chemistry and rhythm. Lenny Megliola has Steve Grogan agreeing that the QB and Receivers are starting to come together. John Tomase looks at Benjamin Watson, who also benefits from the receivers coming along. For the first time this season, on Sunday he caught the ball with a little room to run. Michael Parente says that Brady looks comfortable as well. Christopher Price has more on the receivers stepping up.

Tony Massarotti says that the Patriots haven’t proven anything by steamrolling the cupcakes in the AFC East. Jim Donaldson agrees and says that the Patriots could be 5-3 and facing the 5-3 Jets on November 12th. Alan Greenberg has a look at the Patriots defense, which has been pretty impressive thus far this season. Breer also has Junior Seau starting to really establish himself in the Patriots defense. Tom King says that things will now start getting a little bit tougher for your New England Patriots.

Albert Breer says there is no sympathy in the Patriots locker room for the Chargers’ Shawne Merriman, who was suspended yesterday for four games, reportedly for steroid use.

Tomase’s notebook attempts to update us on Richard Seymour, and the only clue available is the fact that he didn’t appear on WEEI’s “Dale and Holley” show yesterday – something he didn’t do last season either when injured. If Seymour is out on Monday, Gasper’s notebook says Jarvis Green is ready to step in and fill the spot. Young’s notebook has the media being rebuffed in their efforts to find out about the Seymour injury.


Peter May looks at the controversy among NBA players regarding the new synthetic ball that is being introduced this season. Many players have been outspoken in their disapproval of it, but at least one organization is pleased: PETA. Sean on the BSMW Full Court Press has a look at Tony Allen, and the decision that the Celtics face in the next week of whether to pick up his option for next season or not.

May also has a look at the center position for the Celtics. Theo Ratliff has been battling a sore back all preseason, and Doc Rivers doesn’t believe he’ll be ready to play in the opener, a week from tomorrow. Michael Olowokandi has been ok in the preseason, but much of the load is going to fall on Kendrick Perkins, Al Jefferson and even rookie Leon Powe. Steve Bulpett has a look at Powe, who has won the affection of Paul Pierce for his rugged, physical style of play inside…something that the Celtics could really use. Scott Souza has more on Powe, who didn’t play much in the early games because he struggled to learn the system.

Mike Fine looks at Al Jefferson finally showing some improvement on the floor after being called out a bit by Rivers. Bulpett’s notebook says that the Celtics might be looking to make a trade instead of a roster cut this week. Jim Fenton looks at the Celtics struggling to find some sort of rotation for the season.


Rich Thompson says that the Bruins really need to show improvement on the power play – something that their next opponent, Montreal – has been very successful at thus far. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell reports on goalie Tim Thomas getting an ice chip in his eye in practice yesterday. Thompson’s notebook says Thomas will start in goal on Thursday, and says Hannu Toivonen had an ice chip hit him in HIS eye on Saturday’s night against Buffalo.

John Molori says that FOX deserves credit for firing Steve Lyons.

FSN has Celtics/Nets at 7:30. FOX has Tigers/Cardinals game 3 at 8:00. Versus has Devils/Penguins at 7:00.


Patriots Take Care of the Bills

The Patriots were their predatory selves of old yesterday, pouncing on mistakes made by the Buffalo Bills and converting them into points. They did this to the tune of a 28-6 victory in Orchard Park yesterday, a win that showed how far ahead of their division foes the Patriots really are.

David Scott has a look at CBS’ bungling coverage after having to cut away from the 38-38 Pittsburgh/Atlanta game.

Scott Benson leads the BSMW coverage on the Patriots Game Day page with a look at the action in Buffalo. Joe McDonald says that everything seems to be falling into place for the Patriots as they improved to 5-1 on the season. Mike Reiss reports on the Patriots taking care of business after a bad practice earlier in the week that led to a marathon session on Thursday and visible improvements yesterday. John Tomase says that the Patriots basically stepped aside and let the Bills lose the game themselves yesterday. Alan Greenberg looks at the Patriots having plenty to smile about yesterday. Ian Clark says that yesterday was vintage 21st century Patriots football. Rich Garven reports on just another demolition job to an AFC East opponent. Michael Parente says that the Patriots have created a division between themselves and the rest of the AFC East. Mark Farinella says that the Bills are like a self-fulfilling prophesy for the Patriots.

Ron Borges looks at the Patriots defense, which he notes may not get as much attention as other “higher ranked” defenses, but their penchant for keeping opponents off the scoreboard will take them far. Michael Felger begins to fret over what is going to happen when the Patriots run out of AFC East teams to beat up on. That will be the drum that will get beat this week on air and in print by Felger…just watch. Tony Massarotti notes that the passing attack is miles ahead of where it was the last time these two teams squared off. Albert Breer notes that the Patriots and Bills were pretty even in terms of offensive stats yesterday, but the New England defense kept the Bills out of the end zone. Dan Pires has a report card from yesterday’s win.

McDonald looks at Asante Samuel, who had another strong performance this week, earning the praise of head coach Bill Belichick. Ethan Ramsey has more on Samuel, who is likely seeing his free-agent price rise each week this season. Breer has a look at Samuel bringing his 17-year-old brother up to Bellingham to live with him and go to high school, playing football and especially basketball.

Jackie MacMullan has a look at rookie wideout Chad Jackson, who caught a 35 yard TD pass from Brady, but also dropped his next pass attempt. She says Jackson will continue to be a work in progress, but the Patriots need his talent and production now. Breer also has a look at Jackson finally getting a chance to show his stuff to the Patriots. Greenberg looks at rookies Maroney and Jackson both making big plays for the Patriots yesterday.

Massarotti has more on the defense, again noting that it is better than it’s ranking. Farinella looks at the Patriots defense getting down and dirty in Buffalo. Garven reports on Tom Brady getting a bit battered by the Bills D-Line yesterday afternoon. Farinella has Brady keeping his receivers busy yesterday. Breer looks at Corey Dillon’s success in the red zone yesterday and this season. Christopher L Gasper has a look at the first quarter kickoff return from Laurence Maroney which led to a 14-3 Patriots lead. Felger also examines Maroney’s 74-yard kickoff return that sparked the Patriots.

Shalise Manza Young puts forth a game analysis for yesterday afternoon. Felger looks at Matt Light and Ryan O’Callaghan having a hard go of it at times in trying to keep the Bills off of Brady. Greenberg has his Patriots Sidelines report, which has analysis of the action. Pires had listed out 5 keys to the game yesterday and looks at how they worked out. Young names Tom Brady as the player of the game. Young calls the personal foul committed on Brady after he had gone down as the play of the game. Massarotti presents the best and worst from yesterday. Farinella has the Patriots getting in J.P. Losman’s head.

Check out the Buffalo side of things in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and in the Buffalo News.

Tomase’s notebook leads off with a look at Richard Seymour injuring his elbow in the first half and not returning for the rest of the game. McDonald’s talking points also addresses Seymour’s elbow injury. Reiss’ notebook says that Seymour should know more about the severity of his injury today. Garven’s notebook reports on injuries to Seymour and Eugene Wilson. Parente’s notebook has Rodney Harrison handing out some strong praise to Asante Samuel. Farinella’s notebook has the Patriots playing some good situational football yesterday.


Mike Fine has Paul Pierce dishing out advice to his colleagues on the dangers of hanging out in the wrong spots. Pierce of course, can speak on this subject with first hand knowledge, having nearly lost his life in a stabbing incident back in 2000. Scott Souza says too many people have been too quick to judge Sebastian Telfair. Steve Bulpett has a look at Luke Jackson, who even if he doesn’t make the Celtics, will still have some appealing options open.

The BSMW Full Court Press continues to crank out analysis of the decisions that the Celtics need to make on the contracts of several young players on their roster. Shira Springer has Doc Rivers insisting that there will be no set rotation for his players this season. Bulpett’s notebook has Rivers saying that a rotation is only effective if your team is good enough to have one. Fine’s notebook has more on the decisions on rosters spots and roles that the Celtics still have to make. You can get these links plus a look at the Celtics Point Guards on the FSN Nothing But Net page.

ESPN has Giants/Cowboys at 8:30. Versus has Sabres/Canadiens at 7:00.

Weekend Watch – World Series Edition

Another edition of the fall classic is set to start this weekend, but how many people are going to be watching? The matchup of the Cardinals and Tigers is one of two old-school franchises that have plenty of history between them and a previous (1968) classic already in the books. The FOX network seems pretty confident that they will do just fine ratings-wise, and as usual, they’ve got plenty of innovations and gimmicks ready to trot out. See some of the media columns below for more information. The first game is Saturday night at 8:00.

The Patriots return to our televisions after a week off on Sunday. CBS has the game at 1:00, and Patriots 5th Quarter will air on CBS4 immediately following the game. The Patriots Game Day page will check in on the action over the weekend, and you can keep up with the local stories on the Patriots Daily Links mashup page.

Check out the Buffalo side of things in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and in the Buffalo News.

Weekend Viewing Highlights

UCLA/Notre Dame, 2:30pm – 7NBC.
Boston College/Florida State, 3:30pm – ABC, (Iowa/Michigan is the national game). Bruins/Sabres, 7:00pm – NESN.
Celtics/Knicks (preseason), 7:30pm – FSN.
Tigers/Cardinals Game 1, 8:00pm – FOX.

Patriots/Bills, 1:00pm – CBS4. (Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf)
Jets/Lions, 1:00pm – FOX. (Sam Rosen & Tim Ryan)
NASCAR Nextel Cup: Subway 50, 1:00pm – 7NBC.
Revolution/Fire, 1:00pm – ABC.
Redskins/Colts, 4:15pm – FOX. (Dick Stockton, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver)
Tigers/Cardinals Game 2, 8:20pm – FOX

Here’s a full local weekend sports schedule from the Globe.

Here’s the NFL coverage maps for this weekend: CBS Single Game, and Fox Game 1 and Fox Game 2.

Here is your weekend college football TV schedule.

On NFL Countdown Sunday morning on ESPN, there will be a segment on Tedy Bruschi. Last summer, Bruschi granted a wish for six-year-old Andrew Geracoulis. Born with a heart defect, Geracoulis wished to meet Bruschi, his favorite player. Chris Connelly will report on a wish granted by Bruschi through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (This feature was originally aired as part of SportsCenter’s “My Wish” series)

At the same time the Patriots are playing on Sunday, the Revolution will be playing on ABC in their Eastern Conference Semifinal playoff game against the Chicago Fire. (1:00 PM) Rob Stone, Eric Wynalda and Brandi Chastain will broadcast the game for ABC.

The summer radio ratings are out, and WEEI bounced back pretty strongly, but still came in third in the overall ratings, behind WBZ and WJMN.

An interesting article on Slate by Josh Levin looks at how YouTube is becoming a haven for those looking to prove that the refs did screw their hometown team.

The Big Show crew and whiner line callers have been giving Pete Sheppard a hard time this week for changing his signature sports flash sign off from “I’mPeteSheppardnthatsthesprkflsh” to “I’m Pete Sheppard and that IS the sports flash.” You’d think people could get behind even a small effort by Sheppard to make himself more intelligible.

Speaking of WEEI…Maybe it’s just me, but I have had my fill of middle-aged white men lecturing on the air this week about what too much bling is, and why young black men shouldn’t drive flashy, expensive cars.

National Sports Media Columns

Susan Bickelhaupt has Fox Sports president Ed Goren expressing confidence that the World Series will do well for his network. John Howell has the network coming up with yet another camera angle innovation for the World Series, this time the “CableCam” which is suspended above on a cable that will run down the first base line. David Scott checks in with former NESN anchor Paul Devlin after he was dumped by the network last week. John Molori’s Media Blitz reports on Larry Ridley getting set to join 7NBC here in Boston.

New York

Phil Mushnick says that the networks must be conducting some strange experiments to determine what it is going to take to finally drive off baseball viewers once and for all.

In Fox's case, it has been charged with trying to alienate the affections of baseball fans by presenting the opposite of what the audience would logically expect to see and hear.

Richard Sandomir takes the opposite approach, praising FOX announcers Joe Buck and Tim McCarver for their work last night. Neil Best also praises the broadcast team for their “usual understated, solidly professional” performance. Bob Raissman says that as usual, FOX was guilty of excess in its game 7 coverage. Andrew Marchand says it may one-and-done for Tony Kornheiser in the Monday Night Football booth.

"This is the one year,'' Kornheiser said. "I have no plans at the moment, but I don't think anyone should be stunned or shocked or surprised or blow their brains out if I just say, 'That was fun. Thanks a lot. See ya.'''

Marchand’s Memo of the Week is addressed to NHL Commish Gary Bettman for not promoting the start of the league’s season more.


Michael Hiestand looks at how far Tim McCarver and Joe Buck have come from their first meeting…when Buck was four years old. Jim Williams breaks down the new MLB television contract for FOX and TBS that will run from 2007 to 2013. Aaron Bracy notes that despite having a pair of TV deals with CSTV and ESPN, the Atlantic 10 may still be hurting when in comes to getting games on the air. He has more quotes in his blog that didn’t make it to the column. Laura Nachman checks in with Rob Alberino, executive producer of the Eagles Television Network. Chris Zelkovich notes that Canadian viewers have choices when it comes to choosing a World Series telecast, but not so much when it comes to events like the Breeder’s Cup.


Barry Jackson says that the media, specifically ESPN, needs to tone down their condemnation of the University of Miami and broadcaster Lamar Thomas for the incident last weekend. Jim Sarni has more on the new MLB TV deal, which includes having the World Series start mid-week (Tuesday) rather than Saturday nights. Dave Darling notes that FOX is not just focused on providing great camera angles for the World Series broadcasts, 80 microphones placed around the field pick up the sounds of the game and park as well. Barry Horn talks to James Brown about his return to CBS this season. David Barron updates us on the sports radio battle in Houston. His 4 DVRs, No Waiting blog looks at NFL local ratings from around the country.


Dan Caesar looks at the coverage of the Cardinals advancing to the World Series with their win over the Mets last night. Ed Sherman looks at a pair of new DVD’s that serve as video biographies/tributes to two legendary broadcasters, Jack Buck and Harry Caray. He also notes that Lou Piniella will make things interesting for the Cubs’ beat writers next season. Bob Wolfley looks at the Brewers dismal season reflecting strongly in their TV ratings. Judd Zulgad looks at fans losing the ability to watch a game and listen to it on the radio at the same time due to the implementation of 7 second delays to “prevent the broadcast of any indecent material.” Jeffrey Flanagan has former Chief Rich Gannon who will be working Sunday’s game for CBS talking about Chargers QB Phillip Rivers and if he’ll be effected by the crowd at Arrowhead.

West Coast

Larry Stewart reports on the mixed reactions to the firings of Steve Lyons and Lamar Thomas. Joe Davidson has more on the firings:

Steve Lyons and Lamar Thomas lost their jobs because of what they said. And -- let's face it -- because it's far easier to cut them loose than it is to offer any sort of damage control. You offend anyone on air, and you're history.

Stewart also has Tim McCarver addressing his internet geek critics. Jay Posner has FOX hoping that the World Series isn’t another quickie romp for the AL. Tom Hoffarth advises people not to judge the FOX broadcasts solely on whatever numbers “the Nielsen nincompoops” put out saying that they’re a failure. He also looks at the firing and media junket of Lyons. John Maffei looks at San Diego State fans getting a glimmer of hope that they soon might be able to watch their team on TV finally. Michael Lev says that the time for instant replay in baseball has come. Jim Carlisle says that FOX now has better things than baseball to show during prime time, which is why the network cut back slightly on its coverage in the new MLB deal.

Bruins Break Though at Home

The Bruins finally got to play a home game at the TD Banknorth Garden and responded with a 3-2 win over the Calgary Flames. Stephen Harris says that the hockey quality of this one was pretty good, but more importantly for the Bruins it was a win. Fluto Shinzawa looks at the Bruins taking a page from the Patriots defense – bend, don’t break. Joe McDonald has more on the Bruins coming up winners in their home opener. Douglas Flynn says that the Bruins problems aren’t over, but this was a step in the right direction. Bud Barth and Mick Colageo round out the coverage of the Bruins home opener.

Steve Conroy looks at a big night from Glen Murray, who had a pair of goals playing on a line with youngsters Patrice Bergeron and Phil Kessel and provided leadership, setting an example by swarming the Flames back at their own blue line in the final seconds, preventing one last rush from Calgary. Bob Duffy reports on the Bruins getting a solid performance from goaltender Hannu Toivonen. Karen Guregian has owner Jeremy Jacobs preaching patience and urging fans to take a longer term view of the Bruins rebuilding. Duffy also has a piece on senior Bruin P.J. Axelsson, who says opening night with the Bruins never gets old.

Kevin Paul Dupont says that for a night, all the Bruins changes looked good. Dan Shaughnessy even chimes in with a column on the new-look Bruins. Guregian also takes a look at he Bruins answering the bell and rewarding their fans with a good performance on opening night. Tom King says that the Bruins need to prove themselves as a good playoff team in order to totally win fans back.

Harris’ notebook reports on Andrew Alberts suffering a separated shoulder last night. Shinzawa’s notebook looks at Marco Sturn missing the game with a thigh bruise after getting hit with a puck on Wednesday night. McDonald’s notebook has Jacob’s enjoying the somewhat new look of the Garden. Flynn’s notebook has Flames forward Darren McCarty putting in a good word for B’s coach Dave Lewis. Barth’s notebook has Jacobs expressing optimism for the Bruins this season and beyond. Colageo’s notebook has Jacobs also saying that they need to start winning as well.

Rob Bradford checks in with a piece on Celtics rookie point guard Rajon Rondo. He talks to Rondo’s high school coach, who has been around some big-time players and calls Rondo the best of them. Bill Doyle looks at Ryan Gomes, once again trying to prove himself against bigger and more highly touted players. Mike Fine’s notebook has things looking up a little bit for rookie forward Leon Powe after his performance against the Nets. Dylan on the BSMW Full Court Press checks in with a look at the point guard position for the Celtics. These links and a look at the off guards on the Celtics roster, including Paul Pierce, Delonte West and Tony Allen can be found on the FSN Nothing But Net blog.

Mark Murphy examines why NBA players seem obsessed with carrying firearms…in many cases they deem a necessary protection against seeking to do them harm. He has a second part in which he notes that the players wealth and fame make them targets. I would imagine their size makes them easy to spot, too – more so perhaps than over professional athletes.

Murphy’s notebook has the Celtics standing behind Telfair as the victim of this incident. Shira Springer has more on this, as she takes another look at the whole incident, and the Celtics reaction to it. Jim Fenton has more on an interesting few days for Telfair. Mike Fine also looks at the Celtics trying to explain things.

We’ve got another edition of the BSMW Game Day Roundtable lined up where topics include Moss, Turf and other forms of vegetation, including media.

John Tomase takes an in depth look at the key play of the first Patriots/Bills game, a stop of Willis McGahee by Don Davis on 4th and 1. Christopher L Gasper has Doug Gabriel using family to keep him grounded and focused. Paul Kenyon contrasts the Patriots and Bills receivers. Alan Greenberg has more on the receivers, wondering if they’re not very good, or if they’ve been facing good defenses. Tom King says that things have gone downhill since the first play of the season for the Bills.

Albert Breer looks at Dan Koppen planning on taking the offensive line out to dinner to celebrate his new contract. Mark Farinella has more on Koppen and his new contract. Rich Garven has Junior Seau touting Ty Warren. Ron Hobson has Tom Brady and his receivers working hard to establish chemistry on the field.

You might recall Colts President Bill Polian accosting a Jets employee on the sidelines before a recent game, accusing the Jets of cranking up the noise near the Colts. Polian has also already complained about the Patriots turf. Well, Tom E Curran reports that the Patriots have asked the NFL to ensure the safety of their employees from the Colts President on the sidelines during the upcoming Colts/Patriots game as a way to tweak Polian.

Christopher Price and Michael Parente have Stanley Morgan proud that Troy Brown is going to be the Patriot that breaks his receiving record. Chris Ryan has more from Morgan.

Tomase’s notebook has more Morgan on Brown. Kenyon’s notebook has Seau feeling very good about his decision to come to New England. Garven’s notebook has Bill Belichick seeking a boost in third down defensive stops. Mike Reiss’ notebook looks at the great protection Brady has gotten from his line this season. Parente’s notebook has the Patriots prepping for the Bills passing attack. Farinella’s notebook has more on Morgan giving Brown his seal of approval.

Pats Get Dirty

John Tomase looks at Rodney Harrison sitting atop a Sports Illustrated poll as being the dirtiest player in the NFL for the second time in three years. The Herald also lists out some of Harrison’s greatest hits over the years. Dan Pires says that the legend of Rodney continues on.

Michael Parente looks at the Patriots being able to maintain a good balance on both rushing offense (6th) and run defense (8th). Christopher Price has a look at Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees. Albert Breer has a short bit on how Mike Vrabel ended up filling in at tight end, a spot that has seen him catch eight touchdowns over the last several years. Joe McDonald has an article on punter Josh Miller, who has been outstanding for the last three seasons, certainly making us forget the days of Ken Walter. Alan Greenberg takes a look at Ty Warren, who is enjoying his best season as a pro, and continuing to work harder than ever to get better. Mark Farinella also has a piece on Warren. Ian Clark looks at the Patriots offensive lineman all deciding to grow beards this season as a sign of unity. Jennifer Toland looks at Ellis Hobbs preparing to go up against Lee Evans for the second time this season. David Pevear says that FieldTurf this season at Gillette is still not out of the realm of possibility, despite NFL rules prohibiting it.

Mike Reiss looks at Tom Brady’s claim that the blame for the sack that led to a Buffalo touchdown to start off the season lies with him, having called the wrong protection. Tomase has more on Brady musing about the first play of the season against the Bills. Jeff Howe says Brady is sick of seeing the play, and it makes him sick to watch it. Chris Kennedy looks at how the Patriots and Bills have seemingly gone in opposite directions since a single key play in that first game.

Check out the Buffalo side of things in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle and in the Buffalo News.

Tomase’s notebook has the Bills struggling to find consistency thus far this season. Reiss’ notebook has more on Harrison defending himself against the “dirtiest player” label. McDonald’s notebook has Belichick express confidence in his coaching staff, noteworthy since two coordinators were dismissed elsewhere in the NFL this week. Toland’s notebook has Dan Koppen happy about his new deal. Parente’s notebook has Tom Brady learning a lesson from the first play of the season. Farinella’s notebook looks at Brady getting a vote as the NFL’s dirtiest player.

Down 23 points at one juncture, the Celtics behind Ryan Gomes and Leon Powe came all the way back and defeated the New Jersey Nets last night, 94-90 at TD Banknorth Garden.

The game of course, wasn’t the only thing that had people talking about the Celtics yesterday. News surfaced yesterday that point guard Sebastian Telfair had been pulled from Tuesday night’s game against the Knicks in order to be taken to a police station to view a lineup. Telfair had apparently been robbed outside a club, and incident which also took place just hours before rapper Fabolous was shot outside the same club. Mark Murphy and Shira Springer report further on the incident. Lenny Megliola says this isn’t the type of attention that the Celtics need right now as they try to win over the fans for a new season. Kevin McNamara and Bill Doyle also report on Telfair’s drama. Steve Bulpett chastises Telfair, Doc Rivers and the Celtics for not being more honest about the whole situation.

The BSMW Full Court Press has a look at some decisions facing the Celtics very soon.

Second round pick Leon Powe finally got a chance to show what he can do last night, and responded with 11 points and 15 rebounds in 29 minutes of playing time. Steve Bulpett and Peter Stringer each have a look at the rookie power forward. Springer’s notebook has a very brief account of the game. Murphy’s notebook also looks at the action, with the young Celtics impressing late. McNamara’s notebook has more on the impressive play of Powe and Ryan Gomes. Jim Fenton has a profile of Gomes, who always seems to have to be proving himself on the court. In this month’s edition of Boston Sports Review, Megliola has a look at new Celtics COO Rich Gotham.

Scott Van Voorhis looks at new eats available at the Garden this season. Bill Doyle has a look at Tommy Heinsohn marking 50 years with the Celtics.

Also in that Doyle article:

• If you missed the Big Show or any other program on WEEI-WVEI, you can listen to replays at A couple of months ago, WEEI (850 AM) and sister station WRKO (680 AM) became the nation’s first two radio stations to add PodZinger technology, enabling listeners to use key words to search for particular segments or subjects of interest within hours of their original broadcast — at no cost.

The replays will also enable fans to prove any misstatements that Gerry Callahan, Glenn Ordway or any other WEEI personality make on the air. Comments no longer vanish into the air as soon as they’re made. Now they’re a matter of record.

The Bruins finally get to play their first home game of the season tonight, and Douglas Flynn says that while this isn’t a must-win game for the team, it’s pretty close. Bud Barth has the Bruins hoping that a little home cooking can get them on the right track. Stephen Harris says that the Bruins have a long ways to go to make the Garden a home advantage for themselves. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at how coach Dave Lewis has tried to address the early struggles. Joe McDonald also emphasizes the importance of getting off to a good start at home. Mick Colageo looks at Shean Donovan facing his former team tonight.

Flynn’s notebook has the Bruins trying to create a screen when defending the power play. Harris’ notebook has Marco Sturm questionable for tonight. Fluto Shinzawa’s notebook has the Bruins goaltenders looking for improvement.

Ron Chimelis says FOX was right to fire Steve Lyons. Buddy Thomas says that Lou Piniella will be no match for the curse of the Cubs.

NESN has Bruins/Flames at 7:00. ESPN has Cardinals/Mets at 8:00.

Rolling Pats Gather No Moss

Update: We’ve got a roundup of national stories mentioning the Patriots as well as a look at various Power Rankings and where the Pats stand over on the BSMW Game Day page.

Michael Felger says that Randy Moss was not worth the risk for the Patriots. The team would’ve been guilty of a double-standard had they acquired him, and if they weren’t going to extend themselves for Deion Branch, why do it for Moss? David Brown says that the Patriots made the right move in not making a move for Moss. Felger also features a snapshot of “Mr Patriot” – Troy Brown. Mike Reiss sizes up the AFC East after six weeks of play.

Glen Farley notes that of the “Fab Four” of big name players who left the Patriots in the last calendar year, only Deion Branch is having an impact on his new club. Albert Breer looks at Asante Samuel, who takes pride in working hard, getting better and being more physical out on the field. The results thus far have shown it.

All the talk about FieldTurf for Gillette stadium turned out to be for naught. Despite the NESN report earlier, Howard Ulman of the AP noted that league rules prohibit teams from changing from a natural surface to an artificial surface during the season. John Tomase says that the team did explore going to FieldTurf this year.

Reiss’ notebook has more on the field issue, as well as a look at Samuel and at Buffalo digging out from under an early snowstorm. Farley’s notebook looks at the success that the Patriots have traditionally enjoyed following the bye week.

Playing without Captain Paul Pierce once again, the Celtics came short to the tune of 116-108 (AP Story) in last night’s preseason game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. You can pick up some more coverage of the night over on the New York City Sports Pages.

Steve Bulpett looks at Sebastian Telfair’s return to his hometown last night, and also at the rumors of hard feelings between he and his cousin, Stephon Marbury. Telfair did his best to put to rest those rumors. Shira Springer also looks at Telfair’s night in NY. The Celtics play their first home game of the preseason at TD Banknorth Garden tonight. Fans at the game will get their first look at the new High Definition scoreboard that was installed over the summer. The Associated Press has an article on it, and also has team owner Wyc Grousbeck preaching patience when it comes to this young Celtics squad. Bulpett’s notebook has a look at another impressive performance from Rajon Rondo.

Jeff Goldberg looks at Theo Epstein meeting with the media to discuss the offseason and confirming that he has signed his contract with the team. Nick Cafardo has more from Epstein. Jeff Horrigan also reports on the press conference, which touched on a number of topics, but didn’t really go into depth on any of them. Bill Ballou examines the challenge facing Epstein and the Red Sox – develop for the future, but also try to win now. Alex Speier notes that an improved American League will make it tougher for the Red Sox to return to the postseason in 2007. Mike Fine has Terry Francona talking about new pitching coach John Farrell.

Jon Couture examines the Steve Lyons situation, but also announcing in general, the challenges of it, and why the good ones are so rare. Alan Seigel says that the San Francisco Chronicle reporters facing jail time for refusing reveal the source of leaked sealed grand jury testimony are getting a raw deal. Jim Donaldson wonders why college sports have turned so ugly. Stan Grossfeld looks at Duquesne players dealing with the aftermath of last month’s campus shooting.

Stephen Harris says that with 8 of their next 9 games at home, the Bruins need to get themselves on track. Bob Duffy has Bruins coach Dave Lewis offering some praise to his fourth line. The BSMW Power Play is back online, and Mike Dunshee has a look at the early returns on this edition of the Bruins. Harris’ notebook has a look at the start from rookie Phil Kessel, who just needs to work on being able to finish plays a little better.

FSN has Celtics/Nets at 7:30. FOX has Mets/Cardinals at 8:00.

Ramping Back Up into Action

We’ll start off today’s post with a look at some of the ratings from the weekend. The postseason baseball numbers continue to fall below the national numbers…which are also being viewed as disappointing for the FOX network. Nationally, Sunday night’s game between the Mets and Cardinals posted a 6.4/10.

NASCAR continues to post respectable numbers in comparison to the competition, especially as the sport doesn’t get the attention that baseball or football receive. Nationally, the overnights for the Saturday night race were 4.1/7…so the locals numbers weren’t all that far off from the national figure. I’m sure ratings are much, much higher in the really big NASCAR markets.

Sports Final and Sports Xtra fought to a draw on Sunday night.

Note: I’ve not included the Bruins and other NESN/ESPN/Cable programming because they are measured on a separate report which I have not been able to get regular access to.


Mike Reiss has a profile on Patriots lineman Ty Warren, who has really stepped up in his fourth season with the team, becoming one of the ironmen of the club, and arguably their best defender this season. Albert Breer has a look at Dan Koppen, who is glad to have his contract situation sorted out. Michael Parente has more on the Patriots center, who has been in the Boston area since coming to Boston College as a freshman.

The biggest non-story today for the Patriots will be the trading deadline. Media rumors have the Patriots possibly interested in Randy Moss. I just don’t see anything coming of that. John Tomase talked to Moss’ former teammate Doug Gabriel, who has nothing but great things to say about the enigmatic Moss. Shalise Manza Young also explores the topic of Moss, and has Gabriel praising him up and down. Dan Pires has more on Moss and the possibility of his coming here in a trade.

A NESN report yesterday has the Patriots tearing up the Gillette Stadium surface and replacing with a synthetic surface. Tomase has a look at FieldTurf which is the surface of choice for many modern stadiums.

Coming off the bye week, Rich Garven says the should have their aim focused on earning another bye week…for the first round of the playoffs. Alan Greenberg says that the Patriots are a good, “but hardly great” team and that the next six weeks will say a lot about them. He says that their chemistry and ability to act like a team regardless of the circumstances, might be their best weapon. Mark Farinella has a look at the Patriots getting ready to face Buffalo for the second time this season, and how preparation for a team is different when you’ve already faced them once. Christopher Price notes that it is back to business for the Patriots and examines their record post-bye week in the Belichick era.

Reiss’ notebook reports that Russ Hochstein injured his knee in practice last week, which could limit the Patriots flexibility on the offensive line. He also reports again that the Raiders and Patriots had not talked as of last night regarding Randy Moss or Jerry Porter. Tomase’s notebook has Jabar Gaffney getting comfortable with his new team and system. Young’s notebook looks at some of the fine tuning the Patriots were able to do during the bye week. Parente’s notebook has more on the Moss situation, and also as an injury update.

The BSMW Full Court Press kicks into gear with a preseason roundtable discussion among the panel. Steve Bulpett looks at Michael Olowokandi, who has impressed the Celtics in the early going with his renewed enthusiasm for the game, and while he seemed to be a long shot coming into camp, it now appears that if he keeps going the way he has been, he’s going to make the team. Scott Souza has Luke Jackson hoping to earn himself a larger role with the Celtics. Peter May reports on the never-ending legal saga of Tony Allen, as the case has gotten dragged out once again. Bulpett’s notebook has Doc Rivers scrambling to find a rotation for tonight’s game against the Knicks, as he’s got a lot of players sidelined from various ailments. You can get these links as well as a preview of the Celtics small forwards on the FSN Nothing But Net blog.

The Red Sox named their pitching coach yesterday, as John Farrell will be coming over from the Indians front office to lead the Sox hurlers next season. Sean McAdam has a look at Ferrell, who cited his fire to compete as a reason for leaving the front office and going back to a uniformed position. Nick Cafardo has Ferrell saying that his friendship with Terry Francona was another big factor in his decision to come here. Michael Silverman says Ferrell will be charged with getting the most out of the Red Sox stable of young arms. Jeff Goldberg notes that Ferrell had a big part in rebuilding the Indians talent base. Jon Couture has Theo Epstein saying that Ferrell can do a lot in the game of baseball. David Borges and Alex Speier also have articles on the appointment of Ferrell.

Rob Bradford reports that the Red Sox and Yankees will be engaged in a duel for Japanese pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka when his rights come up for bid next month. Lenny Megliola recalls Morgan Magic as Walpole Joe Morgan will be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame on November 9th. Stan Grossfeld has a feature on David Ortiz playing some whiffle ball for charity. Bob Ryan looks at how Major League Managers need a perfect fit as well as a lot of luck in order to succeed.

Few things were more predictable than the WEEI crew rallying to the support of Steve Lyons yesterday. Listeners were treated to wall-to-wall discussion of the firing, which on the surface is pretty curious. Obviously there is more to this situation. The discussion was at times uncomfortable yesterday as several of the hosts treaded on grounds that they’re pretty shaky on to begin with. Glenn Ordway was even giving out the email addresses of Fox Executives over the air yesterday, asking listeners to voice their support to Lyons. Today Gerry Callahan goes on the attack against FOX, calling them frauds and says that the network was out to ruin a good man and a good baseball analyst. I don’t know how good of a person Lyons is, but in my mind, he wasn’t a very good analyst…

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Karen Guregian look at Bruins coach Dave Lewis drilling the concept of teamwork into his squad yesterday at practice. Mike Loftus says that the Bruins have plenty of work to do to get where they want to be. Guregian’s notebook has Lewis shuffling up some of his lines trying to provide a spark.