Trailing 4-0 in the seventh inning, things weren’t looking so good for the Red Sox last night. Their bats had been silenced by Kansas City starter Luke Hudson. However, the Sox rallied to tie the game with four runs in the seventh and then added the winning run on a Manny Ramirez sacrifice fly in the eighth to escape with a 5-4 win at Fenway Park.

David Borges says that for once, Doug Mirabelli and the Red Sox are grateful to the home plate umpire for a bad strike call. Amalie Benjamin looks at the Red Sox waking up in time to shake off the loyal Royals. Michael Silverman reports on the Red Sox rallying after losing Tim Wakefield early in the game. Shalise Manza Young reports on Mirabelli chipping in to the Sox victory. Garry Brown has more on the sudden revival of the Sox last night. Tom Yantz and Bill Ballou round out the coverage from Fenway Park.

Nick Cafardo looks at Mirabelli’s home run, which gave the catcher a big contribution even though Tim Wakefield was no longer in the ballgame. Lenny Megliola looks at Mirabelli saving the season (so far) for the Red Sox. Sean McAdam notes that it is hard to imagine that Tim Wakefield will not end up on the disabled list after coming out of last night’s game after the fourth inning . Alex Speier looks at Terry Francona running out of options in the pitching department.

Steven Krasner looks at Francona making all the right moves in last night’s victory. Kelsie Smith looks at Tim Wakefield having to shorten his outing due to his sore back. Megliola has a look at Tony Graffanino, who also made his return to Boston last night. Horrigan notes that Mirabelli had a little assist from the umpire on his home run. Smith also looks at Kevin Youkilis who remains positive despite his recent batting slump. Buckley looks at home Wakefield’s injury could affect the Red Sox rotation if he is not able to go the next time out.

John Tomase looks at the shared history that Josh Beckett, Mike Timlin and Keith Foulke have – they are were on the mound to record the final out of a World Series victory. Jeff Horrigan looks at what Doug Mientkiewicz has to say about the ball on his first trip back to Boston. Cafardo also says that yes, we’re all sick of talking about The Ball, but since Mientkiewicz is in town, we have to do it one more time. Borges has more on Mientkiewicz blaming Lucchino for the whole ball incident, and just hoping the whole thing can be over. Steve Buckley has more on Mientkiewicz and Keith Foulke. Krasner also reports on the Mientkiewicz situation, with Larry Lucchino saying he was only doing what he thought best for “Red Sox Nation.”

Benjamin’s notebook looks at Coco Crisp showing signs of life at the plate with a 3 for 4 night. Borges’ notebook has more on David Wells’ bullpen session. Silverman’s notebook has more on Wells progress. The Projo notebook reports on Joe O’Donnell sitting with John Henry at last night’s game. Yantz’s notebook has more coverage on The Ball, as does Brown’s notebook and Ballou’s notebook.

Shalise Manza Young has Ryan Gomes impressed with his new teammates out at the Las Vegas Summer League. Steve Bulpett notes that now that Paul Pierce is taken care of, Danny Ainge may look to get Kendrick Perkins an extension as well. Peter May looks at USA Basketball getting set to begin its quest to bring back the Gold. Speaking of May, the following appeared in the Globe this morning:

Clarification: Because of a reporting error, information about Paul Pierce's old contract with the Boston Celtics was incomplete in the basketball notes in Sunday's sports section. Pierce's contract had two years to run but the second year of the contract included an option that would have allowed Pierce to become a free agent. It is a common option that NBA players rarely invoke.

While it is indeed good of the Globe to acknowledge this, I can’t help but feel that that last line comes off as a bit arrogant – as if the option was totally irrelevant to the story. As chronicled yesterday, there’s no defense for what May did.

Mike Reiss reports that Patriots rookie running back Laurence Maroney is looking for a new agent. Reiss also previews the running backs in his blog this morning.

Nancy Marrapese-Burrell and Stephen Harris report on the Bruins re-signing defenseman Andrew Alberts and five other players.

NESN has Red Sox/Royals at 7:00. ESPN has White Sox/Tigers at 7:00.