I didn’t get a chance to read Bob Ryan’s article online this morning very thoroughly. As I was running a little late, I took a cursory glance and then linked it. I learned a lesson from that.

Here’s an email I got this afternoon, from someone who requested their name be withheld:

Just wanted to point out that I found no less than twelve (12) spelling errors in Bob Ryan's article on the Mavs/Heat game #2 that you linked to in today's (June 12) post. I originally counted five but as I re-read the article more carefully to send this email, I caught 7 more.

1. Second paragraph (counting his first sentence after the dateline as the first paragraph), second sentence "ecore" s/b "encore"
2. Third paragraph, last word "competetive" s/b "competitive"
3. Fourth paragraph, second sentence "unabe" s/b "unable"
4. Ninth paragraph, second sentence "posession" s/b "possession"
5. Same paragraph, fourth sentence "Dwayne" s/b "Dwyane" (you could argue they get a pass for this one as his name is unusually spelled but this is supposed to be the pre-eminent sports page in New England so they should know the correct spelling of a player of this calibers name, no matter how odd)
6. Same paragraph, next sentence "ws" s/b "was"
7. Same paragraph, same sentence "anayway" s/b "anyway"
8. Eleventh paragraph, third sentence "ws" s/b "was" (again)
9. Twelfth paragraph, last sentence "railing" s/b "trailing"
10. Thirteenth paragraph, second sentence "sifted" s/b "shifted"
11. Same paragraph, next sentence "te" s/b "the"
12. Last paragraph, fourth sentence "Nowitski" s/b "Nowitzki". They even spelled it twice correctly in the same paragraph.

Two points here. First, what the hell is going on over there? Don't they have spell check? Whoever edited this mess has a lot of explaining to do. I can't imagine Ryan is happy with this. Second, how did you miss this? Skim reading the article I found five and for all I know there may be more. I just can't bring myself to re-read it again.

After looking the article over again, I found three more spelling errors.

13. Ninth paragraph, sixth sentence “techincal” s/b “technical”.
14. Eleventh paragraph, fourth sentence “falled” s/b “fallen”.
15. Fourteenth paragraph, first sentence “Moutning” s/b “Mourning”.

Now, I’m the first to admit that I don’t spell everything correctly. In fact, I’m almost positive that I’ve spelled “Dwyane” Wade incorrectly. But I don’t have a professional proofreader and copy desk at my disposal.

Second, this shouldn’t be a slam so much on Ryan, as I know that writers are under deadlines and have to write their stories quickly and not worry so much about the spelling and grammar…that is left to the proofreaders and copy desk. That article was likely filed very late last night. But heck, even running the thing through Microsoft Word’s spell check would’ve caught most of those.

As the emailer says, how does this happen? If I had time, I might check the whole Globe sports section for today.

Note: It’s possible that Boston.com picked up the unedited version of Ryan’s article. I don’t think it appeared like this in print. That means the copy desk and proofreaders DID do their jobs.

Additional Note: I know that a lot of the stuff that comes into the copy desk is really rough. I also know that from dealing with many members of the media via email that Ryan is one of the better media people at actually writing and spelling. So this is a question of how Boston.com could let this unedited version get up to their site – and sit there all day.