With the rainout last night, here are just a few quick links, though I’ll try to be back later with something a little more substantial.

The Ty Law rumors continue to swirl, but how much of the interest in the cornerback out there is being created by his agents? Earlier this week a report had Law on the verge of signing with either the Patriots or Arizona. John Tomase’s notebook today reports that it was the Postons that approached the Cardinals, not the other way around. They saw the cap room that Dennis Green’s club has and saw a potential payday. The ESPN NFL Rumor Central also reports that it is down to the Patriots and Cardinals, and though the Chiefs had been rumored, and in fact are interested, they’ve backed out because of financial concerns. Eric McHugh says a return to the fold for Law could be a big boost for the Patriots. Mike Reiss has Herm Edwards quoted in the Kansas City Star however, as saying that any reports that Law is close to a deal with anyone, are “just talk”. John Tomase has another Ty, this time Warren, excited about coming to work each day with his defensive line teammates. McHugh’s notebook reports on Deion Branch’s contract hunt and possible holdout.

Steve Buckley looks at the Red Sox drafting Jonathan Papelbon’s younger brother Josh in the 48th round of the draft. Jonathan has mixed emotions about it, as he doesn’t want his younger brother to feel the pressure or expectations that will come with being in the Red Sox organization and his younger brother. Amalie Benjamin notes that injuries have forced the Red Sox to go to a youth movement earlier than they had expected. Tony Massarotti also looks at the Red Sox youngster being thrown right into the fire. Tomase reports on the Jason Grimsley investigation which has the potential of turning into a major witch hunt. Gordon Edes says that they case presents a grim (no pun intended…I think) situation for baseball.

Bob Ryan looks at Pat Riley coming full circle.