According to Michael Felger on the Boston Herald Website and ESPN 890, the Patriots have traded wide receiver Bethel Johnson.

I love how this afternoon when they’ve talked about the trade, Ordway and the boys at WEEI have said each time without fail that the “Herald is reporting” and they have not once mentioned Michael Felger by name. Seems almost a little childish that they won’t credit Felger for his newspaper reporting because he joined a rival radio station and is now going head-to-head with them. I don’t see how they can feel threatened at this point by Felger and ESPN Boston, yet they refuse to acknowledge Felger’s work by name. Of course, now that I’ve written this, they’ll probably mention him by name to try and prove a point, but if they do I’ll count it as a small victory…

The Patriots today traded disappointing fourth-year receiver Bethel Johnson to the New Orleans Saints for veteran defensive lineman Johnathan Sullivan, the No. 6 overall pick in 2003, according to sources.

Paul Perillo and Andy Hart also have a report on regarding the transaction.

I’m sure there will be more forthcoming on this deal from Mike Reiss. (Reiss has an update now with quotes from Johnson earlier this offseason) You can also look for updates on various blogs and websites on the Patriots Daily Links page.

A media link of interest in yesterday’s NT Times sports magazine Play. Bryan Curtis looks at the influence and power of ESPN on the sports media scene.