We’ve reached the midway point of the Winter ratings period, and while WEEI folks are celebrating at the Whiney Awards tonight, the party might be tempered a bit by the numbers for the first phase of the Winter ’06 book. RadioandRecords.com shows the Arbitron numbers with WEEI coming in behind four other stations thus far in this period. WBZ, WJMN, WODS and WXKS are all showing higher ratings than WEEI. Ratings are down almost a full point from the Fall book, dropping from 6.2 to 5.3.

These ratings are apparently from January 5th to February 28th. (Arbitron Survey Schedule) It should also be noted that these are the ratings for audiences age 12+, not the 18-54-year-old male demographic that the station targets. Winter was also their lowest rated period last year.

What can likely factor in for much of the decline is the fact that the New England Patriots did not play as deep into the season as they did the previous two seasons. Numbers will likely climb again as the Red Sox get into full swing and the spring continues.

However, also of note is the fact that ESPN Radio Boston (WAMG) shows up in the ratings…something that WWZN was never able to do. They’re getting a 0.4 share. Not much, but they’re on the map.