A few links while everyone scours the internet for the latest Crisp rumors…

Rob Bradford has former Red Sox team physician Dr. Bill Morgan trashing the club over their decision not to require physicals before acquiring certain players. Bob Stern looks at Wednesday being a day of closure for the Red Sox. Kevin Thomas also has a look at the Fenway makeover.

Bill Simmons has an insanely long email interview with Curt Schilling, who has something to say on almost every topic, including the media:

The thing that I find funny is that some of the better writers suck at their jobs from my standpoint: Shaughnessy and [Bill] Conlin are two that come to mind. Two separate incidents from each of them told me all I needed to know about how bad members of the media can be. Dan wrote a column basically calling Pedro a piece of trash after he left the ball park on Opening Day 2004, talking about what a bad guy and horrible person he was for doing so. This is the same guy who waxed poetic years earlier when Roger Clemens did the exact same thing, calling Roger a gamer, someone that despised losing. Don't get me wrong, there is no bigger Clemens fan than me, but the two opposing viewpoints on two people doing the same exact thing paint a stark picture into how these guys look at what they do.

There’s plenty more, as Schilling weighs in on Johnny Damon, Theo, The Fans, Manny and the future.

Jim Fenton and Mike Fine have a look back at last night’s Celtics loss to Washington. Mike Grenier has a look at how Paul Pierce is being patient as his young teammates grow as players. Fine’s notebook says that it will be a zoo tomorrow night when Ron Artest makes his debut with the Kings.

Dr Z. has his annual NFL TV Commentator awards.