It’s a busy weekend of sports viewing, with Bowl Games, NFL Games, NBA and NHL action and College hoops all on the docket. The schedule is below and to the right, and should cover most of the major events.

I admit, I’m all over the place today. I think part of it has to do with the end of the year and so many things being out of schedule, and so many replacement hosts and guests on the airwaves. Hopefully with the new year, I’ll be able to fine tune this space a bit more and make it what I know it can be.

For the weekend, you can check in here and get links on the following pages:


Observations from the week:

The best hours of radio this week were today’s WEEI midday show with Dale Arnold and Tom E Curran. They discussed a number of topics, including journalism and when media people can go with a story or not. Some of it was centered around Manny Ramirez and his trade demands, which was also discussed in length on, which picked up a story from Sheriff Sully.

The Manny rumors have circulated for months, and I’ve had enough of media members making thinly veiled accusations and not so subtle hints about the situation. Especially when the hypocritically couch it in terms like “We don’t get into private lives or family situations here…BUT…”

Butch Stearns asserted earlier this week that Doug Flutie should