For the Bruins, the hits just keep on coming. Last night featured their latest setback, a 3-2 loss to the Devils. The winning goal came from Alexander Mogilny with just 31 seconds left. As has been the case often this season, the Bruins led this one for much of the game, only to collapse in the third period. Kevin Paul Dupont and Stephen Harris have the game recaps from New Jersey. Mike Loftus had coach Mike Sullivan asserting yesterday that it is still not too late to save the season. Dupont’s notebook looks at the next move for Shawn McEachern, who has cleared waivers and is looking for a new team. Harris’ notebook looks at Andrew Raycroft, who despite the loss, has looked much better in the last couple games. There is also an update on former Bruins and Devils coach Pat Burns, who is battling liver cancer. Harris also has a bit on the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency making some hard accusations about the NHL.

Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider looks at the stagnant offense sans Charlie Weis, which is lacking in creativity. He has the Kansas City GM disputing that it is the playcalling, but rather the injuries, and also has a look at Ty Law returning to Foxboro this Sunday. Nick Cafardo also has a look at the return of Law, who doesn’t like talking about his foot, and his aware of the fact that he could very well be facing free agency once again this offseason with an 11 million dollar bonus due in March. Eric McHugh says that even with all the injuries that the Patriots have faced this season, there still is no way the defense should be this bad. Michael Parente notes that the injury bug has hit the Jets even harder than the Patriots. Bob Ryan has a look at former BC quarterback and Patriots draft pick Jack Concannon, who died on Monday at the age of 62.

Cafardo’s notebook reports on surgery for Duane Starks, who was described by his surgeon as having “one of the most messed up shoulders he’d ever seen”. Felger’s notebook and Parente’s notebook look at Mike Cloud being released, which should signal that either Corey Dillon or Kevin Faulk, or both, should be ready to play this weekend. McHugh’s notebook has Tim Dwight saying that the four interceptions by Tom Brady on Sunday were not all the QB’s fault.

Gordon Edes says that the market may be showing that Scott Boras wasn’t all that far off the mark in his initial contract demands for Johnny Damon. Michael Silverman reports on Boras preparing a special report for the New York Yankees, explaining how Damon would solve their leadoff and centerfield gaps. Rob Bradford notes that the Red Sox certainly do not seem to be in a hurry with their GM search. Joseph P Kahn takes a look at Manny’s luxury condo which is up for sale. Steve Buckley (Subscription only) also looked at the unit and talked to a resident there who said Manny has been happy with the Red Sox and Boston, but wants to be traded because the Red Sox have made so many efforts to get rid of his contract. Edes reports on spring training tickets being put on sale this coming Saturday.

David S Bernstein has a more extensive look at what the Red Sox are planning to do around the Fenway area. Certainly more than what we’ve read in the pages of the Globe.

Mark Murphy looks at Delonte West as he prepares to take on one of the idols of his youth, Allen Iverson tonight as the Philadelphia 76ers come into town. Shira Springer reports that Tony Allen was able to go all out in practice yesterday as he continues to make strides in his return from knee surgery. Mike Fine and Michael Muldoon each examine the testy at the moment Mark Blount/Doc Rivers relationship, which seemed to come to a head last Friday night. The latest BSMW Full Court Press looks back at the loss to the Magic, where fourth quarter execution seem to be sorely lacking. Murphy’s notebook reports that Blount is accepting his role of coming off the bench, and not looking to be traded. Fine’s notebook looks at Al Jefferson, the morning after his concussion against the Magic.

Jeff Sullivan has a bit on Bill Griffith, who he pegs as the nicest guy you’ll ever want to meet. I can agree 100% with that statement. Griffith is a guy who I think is incapable of making enemies, which makes him very rare indeed in the media business.

The New York papers are full of MLB free agency talk, of Devils/Bruins, of Patriots/Jets, and plenty of other news from the world of sports. Check them out on the New York Sports Page. If the California bay area is your interest, head on over the Bay Area Sports page for free agent news from the Giants and A’s, and news of the Raiders claiming Lenny Walls before the Patriots could get their hands on him.

FSN has Celtics/Sixers at 7:30. ESPN and ESPN2 have another night of college basketball doubleheaders.