Today has been a pretty decent day thus far for the Fall Fund Drive, we’ve made up a little, but are still lagging behind the pace to reach the drive goal. Thanks again to those who have participated thus far.

Here is the latest graduate from the Ron Borges school of journalism; Richard Tenorio. (Or is it Tenoria? His own paper can’t get it right.) The sports copy editor for the Lynn Item says that Bill Belichick is being exposed this season, and that he owes all his past success to Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis.

Movie buffs out there might remember the pivotal scene in The Wizard of Oz, when Toto yanks down the curtain to show Dorothy and the gang that Oz the Great and Powerful is actually an elderly gentleman fiddling around with gadgets.

A similar situation is playing out in Foxborough. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Gray Asphalt Road and you will find a sorcerer whose reputation is as exaggerated as that of the occupant of the Emerald City. His name is Bill Belichick, and he coaches the New England Patriots.

I’m in a catch-22 once again here. This guy is obviously screaming to be noticed and by putting his words here, he’s getting what he wants. On the other hand, they’re so stupendously asinine that they can’t be ignored either.

Elsewhere, Mike Reiss had a chat at lunchtime about the Patriots. There is also Reiss’ Mailbag to check out as well. Eric McHugh looks at the new passion leader for the Patriots, Troy Brown. Tom King says that it is time for the Patriots to put together back-to-back wins for the first time this season. Glen Farley writes that everything is week-to-week for the banged up Patriots. Farley also looks at the Patriots reserves answering the call on Sunday against the Dolphins. McHugh’s notebook looks at Dan Koppen’s injury.

Mike Fine says that ARod may have won the MVP, but he would still trade that for David Ortiz’s 2004 World Series Title. Chaz Scoggins says that both players were deserving. Bob Stern observes that defense has never been a key ingredient for the MVP award…until this season. Alan Greenwood says the only comfort we can take in Ortiz losing was that Mariano Rivera got shafted even more than Big Papi.

Mike Loftus says that Mike Sullivan has about had it with his Bruins squad. While the Red Sox and Patriots are recent champions, Christopher Young looks at the near misses at Championships for some other regional clubs. Jim Byers looks at former Celtic Eric Williams launching a line of retro sportswear for a Negro Basketball League that never existed.