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If you read one link this afternoon, make it Mark Jurkowitz’s report card on the Globe, Herald and WEEI and how they handled the Theo Epstein saga.

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The Celtics finally have a buzzer beater on their side of the record. In a wild game at the TD Banknorth Garden, the Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies each went on runs all night long. The Grizzlies led by 18 points at one juncture, and couldn’t seem to miss from behind the three point arc. The Celtics roared back behind some good hustle on defense, and good shooting of their own, but still found themselves trailing by a point with just under 14 seconds to play when Eddie Jones (who was everywhere last night) hit a baseline shot to give Memphis the lead. The Celtics called timeout, ran a play where four players touched the ball, and Paul Pierce drove to the hoop and kicked it out to Ricky Davis, who nailed the foul line jumper at the buzzer. Shira Springer says that one thing the Celtics learned from their first few games was the importance of execution down the stretch, and last night they got the job done. Steve Bulpett also focuses on the game winner from Davis and how the Celtics have played four tight games thus far this season. Shalise Manza Young turns in a game story for the Providence Journal, and Lenny Megliola says that too many of these Celtics games could be hazardous to your health. The BSMW Full Court Press also checks in after another thriller from the Celtics.

Peter May, when he’s not busy torching the basketball acumen of the Celtics principal owner, has praise for Paul Pierce, who says he trusts his teammates this year. May observes that Pierce never would have passed the ball in that situation in the past. Mark Murphy looks at Al Jefferson getting back into the flow of things after having a bit of a slow recovery from his ankle injury. The last two games have seen an improved Jefferson on the floor for the Celtics. Jackie MacMullan has a column on Celtics assistant executive director of basketball operations and AAU stalwart Leo Papile, who found himself face-to-face with his mortality last summer. It caused him to really evaluate things and make changes in his life. Bulpett observes that this wasn’t the first time that Ricky Davis beat the Grizzlies on a buzzer beater. Murphy also looks at Robert Parish returning to the club as a consultant, and his presence can only be positive for the Celtics young big men. Tim Weisberg also has a short report on the return of the Chief.

Young’s notebook has more on Parish’s appointment with the Celtics. Springer’s notebook also looks at Parish and what some of his duties with the club could be. Bulpett’s notebook looks at Paul Pierce moving up the Celtics all time scoring list, passing Tommy Heinsohn last night. He also notes the reason for all the 7:30 starts this season…WRKO doesn’t want to take a half hour away from Howie Carr.

Gordon Edes and Michael Silverman report that the Red Sox are not trying to lure Theo Epstein back into the fold, so that rumor can be put to bed. Sean McAdam also reports on the rumors, but apparently prior to the announcement last night by John Henry and Tom Werner that they were not pursuing Theo. Part of me says that these rumors of the Red Sox trying to get Theo to change his mind are coming from the Red Sox, as an effort at damage control. Even with the denial last night, with recent events you can’t help but think that. Do you think the irrelevant one, Dan Shaughnessy, wrote that column yesterday on his own? He can deny to his grave that he wasn’t told to write, but events of the recent (and distant) past put a cloud of doubt and distrust over that claim. It can’t be pointed out enough that Shaughnessy used a Red Sox owner (Werner) to get his daughter a Hollywood internship. You don’t think he “owes” them big time? And don’t email me, Dan.

Edes also reports on the Red Sox exploring a trade with Manny Ramirez and his agent. This time it could be serious. Silverman has more on the Red Sox dealing with Manny. The Dodgers are still looking for a new GM, and Silverman says they could make history by appointing the first woman GM in pro sports if they select Kim Ng for the job. Silverman talks to other GM’s, who feel Ng is ready, and baseball is ready for a female GM. As for the Red Sox, Silverman’s notebook looks at how they’re filling their time interviewing GM candidates. The Union Leader reports that the NH Fisher Cats have signed a deal to play one game a year at Fenway for the next 20 years. They’re also eyeing becoming the AA affiliate for the Sox in 2008 when the teams can next switch.

The Boston.com Extra Bases Blog will likely continue to be a good place to check for updates throughout the day.

Michael Felger looks at the friendship between Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, and how that has changed now that they are division rivals. They’re no longer helping each other in this new era of their lives. Jerome Solomon says that the Patriots are proving to be all too mediocre. And they know it. Tom Brady had more to say about his club, Karen Guregian, Chris Kennedy, and Alan Greenberg all have more from the Patriots quarterback.

Tom E Curran looks at the Dolphins as a team that could take a giant step forward this weekend. Michael Parente says that the Patriots aren’t likely looking forward to their trip south this weekend to face the strong running game of the Dolphins. Stopping the run has been a problem all year for the Patriots, and John Tomase says it begins with the front seven on defense for New England. Guregian has a few Patriots weighing on on Terrell Owens. With the White Sox winning the Series, and the Colts beating the Patriots and remaining undefeated, Buddy Thomas is on top of the world. He doesn’t know if anyone can beat the Colts. He says they still haven’t played a good team this season.

The Globe notebook says that Duane Starks could land on IR this week. Parente’s notebook also looks at Starks. Kennedy’s notebook says that the Patriots/Dolphins rivalry has a different look to it now. Curran’s notebook has more on Brady speaking about his team. Tomase’s notebook looks at how Corey Dillon is dealing with the pain of his ankle.

Stephen Harris talks to Harry Sinden, who is worried someone is going to get killed in the NHL with the new rules and the ability for the defensemen to wind up and shoot on all the 5 on 3’s that seem to be taking place this year. Kevin Paul Dupont reports that we will finally see Alexei Zhamnov on the ice for the Bruins tonight. The BSMW Power Play checks in with a new article, looking at the Bruins offense. Hockeydirt.com looks at NHL.com getting a few things wrong when talking about Cam Neely.

The Revolution are playing for the MLS championship this weekend. Steve Buckley (Subscription only) looks at Boston’s other local team competing for fans and a championship. Frank Dell’Apa looks at Revolution Goalkeeper Matt Reis, while Mike Biglin has an article on midfielder Clint Dempsey. Biglin’s notebook has Revs coach Steve Nicol trying to keep to a routine in this championship week.

Check out the New York Sports News Page and the Bay Area Sports page for plenty of Hot Stove talk and NFL and NBA coverage.

NESN has Bruins/Senators at 7:00. TNT has Rockets/Heat at 8:00 and Pistons/Suns at 10:30. ESPN has Boise State/Fresno State at 8:00.