Those of you who were a little worried about Matt Clement taking the hill as your game one playoff starter…well, I guess your worst fears were realized as Clement and the Red Sox were stomped en route to a 14-2 game one loss to the White Sox. Game stories are provided by Chris Snow, Boston Globe, Jeff Horrigan, Boston Herald. Steven Krasner, Providence Journal. David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant. David Borges, Pawtucket Times, and a second game story from the Globe, this one on the front page, from Dan Shaughnessy. There’s a lot to explain about this one, Sean McAdam feels that this blowout was a result of the all the late season scrambling the Red Sox had to do just to clinch a playoff spot. Jackie MacMullan looks at Matt Clement melting in the spotlight of a playoff start. Steve Buckley (subscription only) says that there is something wrong with Clement, either with his arm or with his head, that needs to be corrected by next April.

Jon Couture says believe it not, this one could’ve turned out a lot differently. Massarotti says that the Red Sox are paying the price now for their uninspired baseball in September. Horrigan notes that recent history has shown that the Red Sox bounce back nicely from defeats such as yesterday. However, Steve Buckley has Trot Nixon urging all to remember that the past comebacks have nothing to do with tonight’s game. Heuschkel has the Red Sox taking yesterday’s loss in stride, knowing they can even things up tonight. Alex Speier says that Clement’s poor outing could have repercussions on the rest of the pitching staff. Rob Duca looks at Matt Clement getting turned into a punching bag for the White Sox. Borges says that Clement has no excuses for his bad performance.

Tony Massarotti and Chris Snow look at tonight’s starters, former teammates David Wells and Mark Buehrle. During their time together on the White Sox, Wells took Buerhrle under his wing as a fellow lefthanded pitcher and would teach him about the game. McAdam says that the Red Sox obtained Wells for nights like tonight. Heuschkel says that the Red Sox need Wells to live up to his reputation as a big game performer, especially in the postseason. Nick Tavares looks at the two lefties locking horns tonight. Rob Duca also has a look at David Wells, who isn’t going to be rattled tonight. Bill Reynolds looks at Jeremi Gonzalez and says that if you find yourself turning to him in the fifth inning of a playoff game, you know you’re in trouble, no offense to Gonzalez intended.

Reid Laymance looks at the Red Sox only rally of the afternoon coming up short after Kevin Millar made the first out of the inning at third base. Joe and Jerry on the radio immediately jumped on Millar for going to third, but Tony Massarotti in a brief sidebar says that White Sox second baseman Tadahito Iguchi made the real mistake of throwing to third in the first place, but it just happened to have worked out for him and the White Sox. Krasner also says it was a mistake from the White Sox second baseman, but worked out for his club. Bob Halloran, surprise, surprise, gives his MVP vote to ARod and says it won’t even be close. Kevin Henkin looks at the Red Sox being the Red Sox and what it all means.

Snow’s notebook observes that despite the lopsidedness of the scoreboard, it still only counts as one loss. The Red Sox history after such defeats serves as some comfort to their fans. Horrigan’s notebook looks at Manny Ramirez going hitless yesterday, ending his record tying postseason hitting streak at 17 games. Couture’s notebook takes a final look at the first round playoff roster for the Red Sox.

Nick Cafardo looks at the strong outing from Jose Contreras, who held the Red Sox bats down for most of the afternoon. Howard Bryant (subscription only) also looks at the great outing from Contreras. Johnny Damon says it was the best pitched game against the Red Sox the whole season. Sean McAdam also looks at the new Contreras, who is unlike the pitcher they used to beat up with the Yankees. Gordon Edes has a look at White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, who led the offensive charge from the White Sox with two home runs and double. Jeff Jacobs also has a bit on the White Sox catcher. Barabra Polichetti looks at the grandparents of Paul Konerko in Rhode Island cheering on their grandson and the White Sox. Get the stories out of Chicago from the Sun Times and Tribune websites. Cafardo’s notebook looks at White Sox leadoff man Scott Podsednik getting things started right away off Matt Clement.

John Powers looks at the Yankees taking game one of their series out in Anaheim over the Angels, 4-2. Bob Ryan says it was a good day for the Yankees, who were able to use their vast postseason experience to an advantage and got a good outing from Mike Mussina, who was passed over on Sunday against the Red Sox to get ready for last night. Ryan also gives a little history on the name-challenged Angels and their ever-changing quest for an identity. Check the coverage from New York on the New York Sports News page. Power’s notebook looks at tonight’s Angels starter, John Lackey, who finds himself in the role of stopper against the Yankees.

Thomas C. Palmer Jr (In the Globe, do we have to put that caveat?) looks at the latest proposal for Fenway area development, which is drawing praise and includes additional parking garages to be added.

Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider touches on a number of subjects, including the next two offensive lines that the Patriots will face, both like to use the cut block technique. He also looks at Tyrone Poole’s slow return from a turn ankle, Kevin Faulk getting surgery on a broken bone in his foot, and Doug Flutie taking former teammates from the Chargers into Fenway over the weekend…without tickets. Mike Reiss looks at the Patriots joining the rest of the crowd in the injury-riddled AFC East. Michael Parente looks at the Patriots next challenge, which will be containing Michael Vick. Eric McHugh looks at the Patriots as a team in search of an identity right now. Christopher Price looks at negative plays on offense, which has held the team back. Yesterday Reiss had his weekly edition of the Ask Reiss Mailbag, where he addresses the loss of Rodney Harrison and if the Patriots great run is finally over. Reiss’ notebook looks at the tight ends, who have been used more for blocking in the first few games of the season instead of in the passing game. Parente’s notebook looks at the continued troubles of the ground game for the Patriots.

Douglas Flynn looks at the Bruins, as the real season finally starts up tonight at the Garden against the Canadiens. Kevin Paul Dupont looks at the return of regular season hockey to Boston and the NHL. Steve Conroy outlines a half a dozen questions facing the Bruins as the season begins. Joe McDonald says that the Bruins young stars are thinking big. Tommy Hine looks at veteran Brian Leetch, leading a very young crew of defensemen. Stephen Harris has a piece on Joe Thornton, as Jumbo Joe sits on the brink of greatness, looking to push his team over the top and into a championship. Check out the BSMW Power Play for more on the Bruins roster and new forwards. Harris’ notebook reports that second line center Alexei Zhamnov is doubtful for tonight’s game. Dupont’s notebook says that there is still nothing new with Nick Boynton.

Peter May seems to be taken with new Celtics point guard Dan Dickau, believing that Danny Ainge might’ve gotten himself a steal for a second round pick. Steve Bulpett looks at Ricky Davis, who continues to grow up and grow with the Celtics. Michael Muldoon looks at Mark Blount, who promises to make up for last year and show that he is worth every penny of his contract. Nate Crossman has a piece on Paul Pierce, who addresses how he felt about all the trade rumors and what a leader really is. Bulpett has coach Doc Rivers cheering for the Sox. White Sox, that is. Shira Springer’s notebook looks at Al Jefferson suffering an ankle sprain at practice and reports on first round pick Gerald Green. Bulpett’s notebook has a Red Auerbach health update.

A special edition of Scott’s Shots looks at reaction to the Bill Simmons interview from last week and at Mike Winn’s departure from 1510 in favor of ESPN Boston. John Molori also has the news of Winn switching work addresses.

Channel 5 (WCVB) and ESPN have Red Sox/White Sox at 7:00. NESN has Bruins/Canadiens at 7:00. ESPN has Astros/Braves at 4:00 and Yankees/Angels at 10:00. OLN has Rangers/Flyers at 7:00.