Quick Links for a Sunday of NFL and Red Sox/Yankees…

Dan Shaughnessy, John Tomase and Tony Massarotti look at Curt Schilling’s very impressive outing in the spotlight of Yankee stadium and a national TV game. Shaughnessy of course, takes a myriad of subtle and not-so-subtle shots at Schilling, a guy who clearly threatens him on some level. Gordon Edes says time is running out for the Yankees. Edes also files the Globe Baseball notes, where he looks at another book on the 2004 Red Sox. Massarotti has the Herald Baseball notes, where he looks ahead to what appears to be a big offseason for the Red Sox.

Check the Red Sox Daily Links page for more from today’s papers.

New York Sports News – where yesterday’s win by the Red Sox and Curt Schilling have NY a little nervous. (Murray Chass in the times is fuming, while Mike Lupica in the Daily News gives Curt Schilling respect.)

Ron Borges looks at Drew Bledsoe, Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys. Guess the Globe is getting feedback that writers want to keep re-living the days of the mid-90’s Patriots rather than on the current Super Bowl champs. Either that, or the Globe knows it is getting blown out in its coverage of the team, (other than the Reiss’ Pieces blog – but that doesn’t appear in the paper) and so isn’t even trying to cover them anymore. They’ll cover the “other” stuff in the NFL..the bitter ex-Patriots and other figures from the past. The article from Borges isn’t really that bad, it’s more the philosophy that I have an issue with. John Altavilla says today’s opening day games will have memories of four years ago still lingering, especially in light of the recent disaster down south.

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Tuned into NFL Sunday on WEEI this morning, and it was good to hear the old (and I mean old) duo of Kevin Mannix and Ron Hobson back on the air with Dale Arnold and Steve Nelson. I find this show a refreshing contrast to much of the sports programming in the region. There’s usually no fake controversies or arguments, no choosing up sides prior to the show and debating to death, come hell or high water. They actually sometimes try to go beyond the Patriots, looking at what is happening around the league. Compare this to the new “debate-style” programming on the Patriots pre and post game shows on WBCN and its night and day.

Stephen Harris has a look at Bruins rookie defenseman Mark Stuart, of whom big things are expected. Kevin Paul Dupont’s Sunday NHL notes leads with the contract situations of Andrew Raycroft and Nick Boynton which are getting a little uglier by the day. Nancy Marrapese-Burrell looks at three sons of NHL players who hope to make their own name in the league with the Bruins. Mike Loftus has a preview of the Bruins as they head to camp.

Peter May has a Sunday NBA notes column where he says Dan Dickau is still headed to the Celtics, but that since Katrina, talks with the Hornets have been put on hold. No word from May (or anyone else, to be fair) on Mississippi natives Al Jefferson and Justin Reed and if they or their families have been affected by the storm.

Bill Griffith has a Sunday SporTView column, looking at NFL coverage.

NESN has Red Sox/Yankees at 1:00. CBS4 has Jets/Chiefs at 1:00. FOX25 has Saints/Panthers at 1:00 and Cowboys/Chargers at 4:00. ESPN has Colts/Ravens at 8:00. USA has the US Open Women’s final at 1:00, while CBS has the Men’s final at 4:00.