The Red Sox lose two of three in Detroit, but thanks to the Yankees, they’re still in good shape for the Division. The Patriots prepare for their second preseason game tonight, and we’ve got some hockey, college, and media notes as well.

David Wells and the Red Sox stumbled out of the gate yesterday, falling behind early and finding themselves unable to overcome the deficit, losing 6-5 to the Tigers in Detroit. Chris Snow says that Wells was sick…physically…for the second straight start as he battles through some sort of stomach issue. Jeff Horrigan reports that the weakened Wells has been bothered by this issue for more than a week now. Steven Krasner notes that in the ninth, it came down to David Ortiz once more, but this time Big Papi was unable to come through, instead hitting into a game ending double play. David Heuschkel says that Wells hopes that sleeping in his own bed in California the next few nights will help him out. David Borges notes that hitting into a total of five double plays on the afternoon didn’t help out the Red Sox cause.

Tony Massarotti observes that a difference between this Red Sox club and editions of years past is that having won a championship, this team can shrug off bad series such as this just-concluded three game set in Detroit and still remain confident. Nick Cafardo wishes Manny was more like Kevin Millar in wanting to play every day and wishes Kevin Millar was more like Manny in being able to actually produce. Robert Carroll has a look at Mike Remlinger, who is living a dream by pitching for the team he grew up watching in Massachusetts and at the part he went to with his dad as a kid. Let’s hope his pitching improves, or the dream will be short lived…as a whiner line caller noted recently at least Remlinger’s ERA with the Red Sox is now a finite number. Massarotti says that the end is near for Mark Bellhorn as his rehab assignment expires on Saturday and the Red Sox will have decide what to do with him. Horrigan reports that Bronson Arroyo won’t be going anywhere in a waiver deal this month because he didn’t clear waivers.

Howard Bryant (subscription only) says that Curt Schilling looks at like Bill Walton, circa 1987 after winning a championship with the Celtics and having nothing left physically. He notes that we might now see the full price for Schilling’s having gutted it out during the playoffs last year and pitching on that ankle tendon. He also says that the Yankees are eyeing the upcoming September series with the Red Sox as a means of climbing over the Red Sox in the division standings.

Snow’s notebook looks at Manny’s day off yesterday. Manny was scheduled for a day off on Sunday, but requested yesterday because he was a bit beat up. If forced to choose, I’d rather have Manny in the lineup against the Angels than the Tigers anyway. Horrigan’s notebook also reports on Manny’s day off, as does Krasner’s notebook and Borges’ notebook.

The Patriots gear up for their second preseason game tonight, and the first at Gillette as they take on the New Orleans Saints. Michael Felger reports that the starters for both sides will see significant time…perhaps even into the third quarter. Tom E Curran says the Saints are trying to show something after a poor showing last week, and the Patriots are still trying to learn about what they have at certain positions. Alan Greenberg says that yo can expect to see Tom Brady on the field tonight. Jerome Solomon says that there will be some scouting going on tonight as these two teams will meet up in November during the regular season as well. Ian M Clark writes that special teams will be the point of emphasis for Bill Belichick’s squad tonight. Christopher Price also looks at the Saints marching into Gillette tonight. Scott A Benson has a Game Day PRE View for tonight’s matchup.

Michael Felger’s Patriots Insider reports that no one…that means you Borges and Cafardo…can accuse the Patriots of being cheap as their payroll could be the highest in the NFL this season. He also has several other items, including looks at Vince Wilfork, Marquise Hill, Matt Cassel and the coaching staff. Jim Donaldson says that in Tom Brady’s case, a nice guy finishes first, and concludes the article by telling us that “Truth is, professional athletes don’t come any better these days.” Adam Kurkjian looks at Norwood’s Alfred Fincher, who is coming into Gillette tonight as a rookie linebacker for the Saints. Chris Kennedy has Tom Brady again insisting that his arm is just fine. Hector Longo has a look at Deion Branch, who remains grounded and eager for more success with Tom Brady. Michael Parente says that tonight’s preseason game with the Saints is a little more important than the others. Dan Pires looks at rookie receiver Bam Childress. Solomon’s notebook looks at the injury situation for tonight, and none of them at this point appear too serious.

It appears that the Globe has pulled the plug on the popular “Ask Nick” mailbag and that that duty will now be handled by Mike Reiss. You can submit your questions for the new Ask Reiss mailbag on now. Even though some of his answers were a bit mystifying, the Ask Nick mailbag was always a must-read. As Bill Simmons would say, the Unintentional Comedy Factor was always very high in those editions. I’m looking forward to seeing how Reiss handles the task.

Fluto Shinzawa reports on the Bruins re-signing center Travis Green. Joe McDonald observes that the Bruins seem to have the net pretty well covered with Andrew Raycroft and Hannu Toivonen. The NHL will have a new television home, as USA Today’s Michael Hiestand reports on Outdoor Life Network taking over the league after ESPN bowed out.

The Boston College football team lost a second player for the season yesterday as sophomore tight end Trey Koziol suffered a torn ACL in a preseason scrimmage on Saturday. Michael Vega reports on the loss. Matt Eagan reports that UConn coach Jim Calhoun has suspended players Marcus Williams and A.J. Price indefinitely from basketball-related activities as a result of their roles in the Laptop scandal. Rough times for the UConn Men’s hoops program as this is only one of several incidents that have taken place in Calhoun’s program in the last year.

James Whitters says farewell on the Globe West beat. His position is the one that will be filled by Mike Reiss. Douglas Flynn has a report on Steve Buckley’s Oldtime Baseball Game, which was played last night.

The Yankees blew another one in Tampa last night. Get the stories over at the New York Sports News page. There’s also the Bay Area Sports page for headlines from the S.F. region.

FOX has Patriots/Saints preseason at 8:00. NESN has Red Sox/Angels at 10:00. ESPN has Diamondbacks/Cardinals at 8:00. TBS has Braves/Dodgers at 7:30.