Eric McHugh cautions us not to read too much into what you see on the field tonight. He does give us a position-by-position list of what we can be looking for in the preseason opener. Glen Farley tells us why Bill Belichick is anxious to get this game played and see the results. Jeff Novotny looks at David Terrell being handed a second chance on his career by the Patriots. Dave D’Onofrio has a piece on Duane Starks, who is glad to be back in the big time after being in virtual exile with the Cardinals.

Mike Reiss was a guest on the Dennis and Callahan program this morning, with Greg Dickerson and Michael Felger. Some of the segment was a little bittersweet as it was acknowledged that when Reiss officially joins the Globe, he will not be allowed on the WEEI airwaves. It’s about high time that something is done about this whole Boston Globe/WEEI spat.

Mike Loftus writes that it is time for Joe Thornton to show that he is worth the money that the Bruins have now invested in him. Win Bates says that the immediate future of the Boston Bruins became a lot brighter with the signing of Thornton, but there are still a lot of questions in the long term. Carmine Frongillo has a more optimistic outlook, stating:

The feeling here is, Thornton will put up the numbers. The Bruins will pile up wins. And come April, Boston will once again be a hockey town.

A few months from now, no one is going to laugh when you mention the Bruins and Stanley Cup in the same breath.

Glenn Jordan of the Portland Press Herald has a look at Craig Hansen’s arrival with the Sea Dogs. He also reports on his impressive debut with the club. Alan Greenwood writes that the Red Sox hold their destiny in their own hands. Mike Fine reports that Gabe Kapler is thrilled to be back in the United States, playing for the Red Sox. Rob Bradford has a piece on Red Sox assistant GM Josh Byrnes, who is slowly shedding his cloak of anonymity. Ray Duckler has a look at the sweet swing of John Olerud and when we might see it again at Fenway.